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There are plenty of sites offering a free unlisted phone number search (cell phone & land line) however there seems to be a degree of frustration involving these 'free' sites. So is one able to trace unlisted numbers online for free?
By: Marcus Chess
April 19, 2010 - PRLog -- With a free unlisted phone number search you will use an unlisted land line number (or cellular phone number) to locate a phone owner by address.

Unfortunately (and for obvious privacy reasons) there is no central directory that one can use to perform a free unlisted phone number lookup. Many sites claim to offer a free unlisted phone number search online but they are usually not free, or able to offer detailed searches with any degree of accuracy. (It's not all bad news, I have included a link to a good resource for a reverse unlisted phone number search or cell phone number search a bit further down.)

With these so-called 'free' sites you will be asked to enter the phone number details, click through various search pages and finally arrive at some incomplete 'phone book listings'. Now you will be asked to pay for the complete phone listing.
You see, they say that the lookup/search is free, but you must still pay for the report?!

These tactics are questionable and certainly one has to ask how  trustworthy the unlisted phone number directory is if this is their method of attracting clients?!

Luckily there are some reliable and professional unlisted phone number search services online. They have gone to considerable lengths to collect and organize data from various private and public sources into a Nationwide unlisted phone number directory (land line and cell phone numbers). It is for this convenience that one must pay a small fee.

Typical information included in the report will be:

   * The name and address for the searched unlisted phone number (or cell phone number)
   * The phone company or carrier details
   * The owner's previous addresses
   * A location map
   * Option to remove any of your own data from the network

After checking numerous reverse unlisted phone number lookup sites we found Reverse Phone Detective to possess one of the more complete, accurate and up to date databases online. Click here to visit

Please Note: When using a paid unlisted phone number search (or cell phone lookup) make certain you use a site that gives one a membership option (i.e. as many checks as you like). Some reverse phone number sites charge per search, however the site I recommend has the same fee per year that some charge per search.
This can be very helpful as you'll probably need to perform another search next week or month, or remember more info later etc.

In summary there may be no free unlisted phone number search but for a small fee you can get reliable phone listings at Reverse Phone Detective.

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Marcus Chess is a en electronics technologist and author in the field of technology and networks. He enjoys writing about the topic and keeping up to date with current events in the area of communications.

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