Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory Lookup: Trace Unlisted Numbers & Locate Phone Owners

There are numerous websites offering a free reverse cell phone directory or unlisted land line search but there seems to be a lot of frustration surrounding these 'free' sites. What's the truth, is it possible to trace unlisted numbers for free?
By: Marcus Chess
April 19, 2010 - PRLog -- A free reverse cell phone directory lookup or free unlisted phone number search is the act of using a cell phone number (or unlisted land line number) to locate a cell phone owner by address.

So let's cut right to the chase. According to the Wireless 411 Privacy Act of  September 2004 cell phone numbers are not public information. And therefore there is no central database where one can perform a free reverse cell phone lookup. Websites that claim to offer a free reverse cell phone directory lookup service are usually not free or able to offer comprehensive searches with any degree of accuracy. (It's not all bad news though, I'll include a link to our best resource for a reverse unlisted number or cell phone number search a bit further down.)

With the so-called 'free' sites events usually progress like this:

You enter the required details into the search box of the site, click through some pages and arrive at a page with incomplete info whereupon you are required to pay for the complete reverse cell phone listings?! Then they will inform you that the lookup/search is free, but you have to pay for the location information!
At this stage a lot of thoughts go through one's mind...
How trustworthy is the database if this is their method of attracting clients?!
You just wasted a few minutes of your time for nothing!

It's not all bad news though...
There are some reliable and professional reverse cell phone directory services. These websites have to pay the large cell phone networks to access their information. They then go to the considerable trouble of organizing their collected data into a Nationwide reverse cellular phone directory. It is for this convenience that one must pay a small fee.

Some typical information returned will be:

   * The land line (unlisted number) or cell phone owner's name and address
   * Type of connection - land line or mobile (and also the phone company or carrier)
   * Previous addresses and a location map
   * Option to remove your own data

After further trial and error with many paid reverse phone directory sites, I found that Reverse cell phone directory Detective have one of the most complete, accurate and up to date directories online. Click here to visit

Please Note: When using a paid unlisted number search or cell phone trace make certain you have an option to join for a year or more (therefore as many searches as you like). Some reverse cellular sites charge per search, however I don't recommend this option as 9 times out of 10 you'll remember some more information next week or need to perform another search etc.

There may be no free reverse cell phone directory but for a small fee you can get reliable phone listings at Reverse cell phone directory Detective.
Good luck with your searches!

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Marcus Chess is a en electronics technologist and author in the field of technology and networks. He enjoys writing about the topic and keeping up with current events and research in the area of communications.

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