Stomach Pain Gas - Tips For Prevention and Relief

Flatulence is inevitably caused by either a dietary issue or an underlying health problem. If it is the former, the reasons should be pretty easy to detect.
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April 16, 2010 - PRLog -- 5 Most Important Points on Stomach Gas Pain - Don't Read Whole of This Page If You Want The Pain To Persist

1. Ask a hundred people what they know about flatulence, and it is entirely probable that more than fifty will respond initially with some variation on "It is a posh word for 'farting'". If this were simply the case, then the numerous people who suffer from flatulence would have a much easier life to lead. Stomach pain gas is just one of the symptoms which makes it a lot more complicated than that. A flatulence sufferer who has been subject to the problem for any reasonable amount of time will be only too willing to tell you that stomach pain gas makes the actual breaking of wind seem like blessed relief.

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2. Ending Flatulence Pain

Not everybody who has flatulence will suffer from stomach pain gas, and not everyone who does suffer from it will recognize it as such. However, there can be no denying that for many flatulence sufferers, the pain is a major part of the condition. When we feel ill, it is a natural instinct to want to rest. However, for anyone suffering with stomach pain gas it is a practical impossibility to actually get anything resembling proper rest because the mere fact of getting comfortable is so difficult. The condition leads a person to feel deeply distracted and this has the further problem of making the sufferer restless.

3. If we cannot rest we will naturally have an unpleasant reaction to the situation. When children are denied sleep they become much more likely to misbehave, get angry or cry. A parent's usual reaction to this situation is to blame it on the fact that the child is "over-tired". While this is a simplistic view, there is some truth in it, and stomach pain gas has a very similar effect. One of the major reasons why it is important to take exercise after a meal if you suffer from flatulence is the fact that it can aid the digestion - and if you are prone to stomach pain gas there is little sense in trying to settle down anyway, so a walk is a fine way to take the edge off the pain and prepare you to rest.

4. How To Prevent Flatulence Pain

Flatulence is inevitably caused by either a dietary issue or an underlying health problem. If it is the former, the reasons should be pretty easy to detect. Do you suffer stomach pain gas all the time, or only after you have eaten certain things? If it is the latter, what are these things and can you cut them out of your diet? If it is the former, then is there some uniting factor in your everyday diet that could be at the base of your flatulence? If none of the above are true, then it may be an issue with how the food is cooked or one of physical activity. If it is an underlying health problem then the only reasonable solution is to visit a doctor for advice and treatment.

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5. Keeping stomach pain gas at bay is something that requires a lot of consideration, and whether the solution be a major dietary change or a visit to the doctor it is important to act fast. If you delay action, you could well find that the problem gets worse quicker than you had thought. This is why stomach pain gas, though undesirable, is a beneficial early warning sign.
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