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When you initially start out it is full of anticipation and you really believe that all you have to do is tell people the truth about the Word and they will just come, right?
April 12, 2010 - PRLog -- This is one of the hardest things to do especially when you have no staff, no money, and no  building. Even when you do the traditional things like start in your home, rent a small store front, or share with a larger church it is hard to grow.

When you initially start out it is full of anticipation and you really believe that all you have to do is tell people the truth about the Word and they will just come, right? Well you will quickly find out if you have not already that it just is not that simple. Church growth is not going
to happen just because you BELIEVE it will. It takes a level of dedication and WORK. The great thing is that in the technological age that we live in, it is actually much easier to build a church from scratch than most people think.

Have you ever been frustrated because you thought you had the perfect plan for getting people into your church and quickly discovered that it was a complete waist of time and money? You may have taken an ad out in a small local publication, or spent too much money on a radio or TV ad (that no one heard or saw), or you may have even put thousands of fliers on cars and doors and light post around the city and then...Only about 2-3 people show up or worse, none at all.

Another idea that small churches have is to get together with other churches and try and “fellowship”. You know you have those Sunday afternoon services to try and build a relationship with other small churches so that when you come together at least you can take up a larger offering and try and do something with that. You may try this for a  while until you realize all you are doing is trading money but there is no real church growth.

But owe, you may even have attended one of the large weekend conferences that one of the big name preachers or bishops put on that is suppose to give you tools for ministry growth. First they normally cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to attend, they give you a list of websites to look at, a lot of real pretty brochures, and they essentially just hype you up with no results.

Well if you have done any or all of these things it's OK, just chalk it up to experience. You see you probably have very little or absolutely no experience to marketing a church. You really have never been taught and it is not your fault. I have had this same experience when it came to marketing a church that I wanted to start. Yep I tried to start a church back in 2000, but I failed. I did all of these things and even had my family out there going door to door putting fliers on doors in the neighborhood around where we were going to have our service. I frustrated myself so much that I just did not know what to do. I cried out to God, I fasted, I lost sleep, and then God came to me in that still quite voice (you know the one) and gave me just a few words that opened up the doors for me. I will get back to that
in a minute.

Back in 1990 I began my ministry and was licensed to preach at the age of 21 by my late pastor Elder Ancil Carruthers out of Altus, OK. Like most preachers I studied hard and preached when I was called on. I worked harder than most new preachers around the church making sure everything was right. I did not want my pastor to have to do anything (hope you have someone like that). Well I was always the type that said I was never going to ask my pastor to ordain me. I felt like when he thought I was ready he would just do it. Well TEN YEARS LATER...we were having a conversation and he said when are you going to start your own work. I said that I thought I needed to be ordained first.  He was actually surprised and said, “I have not ordained you yet?”  Well I was ordained the next day. That was back in 2000.

OK, remember earlier I was talking about God speaking to me in that small still voice? Well, like most preachers I thought that my natural progression was to be a pastor. I mean that is what all of us think right? One day I will be the pastor and really build a big ministry. We all just either wait to be called to a church or we step out and start our own.

Well after I tried to start my own, God said to me, “I never told you to pastor, I told you to instruct”. Now you know how when God talks to you and in just a few words he has literally laid out everything step by step for you. I mean those few words opened up an insight in me that was miraculous. You see God had been preparing me and put me on a path to now be walking in my ministry. Over the next 10 years God began to allow me to see how ministry would be done in this new millennium.

Later I began more business that became successful and in 2008 I realized that I had gained knowledge in helping people build business from scratch and grow there organizations to levels that even surprised them. Looking back on it now I see how God was allowing me to fulfill HIS vision for me instead of me doing what I wanted to do. Now I actually am walking in my destiny and it feels great!

God gave me the vision for The Church Growth Momentum Club in 2009 and in February 2010 I launched it. I used all of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years to build an organization of about 200 people in just 2 weeks! Yes it only took me two weeks to build my community of pastors from all over the world! Would you like to know how to build your organization the same way that I am building The Church Growth Momentum Club (CGMC)?

If you want to grow from 10 to 1000 in a year it is definitely possible.  What I have found about these new ways of marketing and evangelizing compared to the old ways are this. The old ways, work for people that kind of grew up around church but fell away. You know the ones. Their grandparents may have taken them church or they went to a religious school so when you talk to them it all kind of makes sense anyway. Even the ones we may call back sliders. They will always want to come back when things are going really bad in life.

Reaching the unchurched is the real challenge, but will reap the most rewards! One of our main problems is that we spend too much time “preaching to the choir” instead of actually reaching out beyond our walls and comfort zone. In today's world, yes people need Christ, but no one is really reaching out to the lost. Many have confused ministry with telling people they are going to hell unless they accept Christ.  Let me ask you something if I told you that you were going go to jail unless you came and heard me tell you how not to go to jail...would you even listen? No, because you have been doing fine staying out of jail already right?

Unchurched people do not care about heaven or hell. They do care about the economy, their bad marriage, losing a job, a child on drugs, a mother that is dying, past due bills, etc. The solution to growing your church is found in understanding what your ideal member wants and needs answers too.  OK, I need to repeat that...THE SOLUTION TO GROWING YOUR CHURCH IS FOUND IN UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOUR IDEAL MEMBER WANTS AND NEEDS ANSWERS TOO.

Growing any organization is simple process. I say simple process but it is a LOT of work. Here is the simple outline.  Know your ideal client.  Position yourself as the expert through blogging and creating videos.  Distribute those blogs an videos to thousands online.  Direct people to a landing page that let's them know you have the answer.  Capture their name and email address on your website by offering them the answer in exchange for it.  Continue to provide them with information on the answers they want.

Now if you really want to be known as an expert and drive traffic to your website and  ultimately to your church, set up an account on and really start something special. Video distribution is the KEY to marketing in this age. When you can master that it is what will grow your church from 10 to 1000 in a year.

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