announces launch of Advanced Mobile Hydroponic Grow Rooms

The Southern California based manufacturer of Advanced Mobile Hydroponic Grow Rooms is now in full production.
The flowering room inside a show model.
The flowering room inside a show model.
April 9, 2010 - PRLog -- Azusa, CA, April 9, 2010:

Late last year a new company was formed in Southern California to meet the needs of companies looking to grow hydroponically.’s vision is to supply plug-and-play trailers to anyone who wants to grow hydroponically. is now in full production of it’s advance mobile hydroponic systems.

The benefits to hydroponic growing are immense.  Restaurants could use them to provide fresh vegetables and greens to their patrons.  New businesses will be formed to provide these vegetables to restaurants and specialty stores who don’t have room for a trailer.  They could be used for production of medical marijuana by associations of qualified medical marijuana patients to produce high quality medicine.  They could be used in disaster areas to quickly provide sustainable food supplies to needy victims.  Hydroponic growing can yield 6-7 times the amount of crops per year than growing under the sun. systems are not just mobile, they are modular.  If a company was going to build a big production facility most likely they would have to build out separate rooms for the various plants and grow cycles.  This involves building permits, code inspectors and generally lots of hassle – not to mention the fact that it is permanent. With trailers installation is easy.  You may need permits for the electrical runs but those can be done prior to installation of the trailer (just like any large, plug-in equipment.  Our trailers are built with modularity inherent in the design.  With a warehouse full of our trailers you could have your crops finishing one a week or even once a day. uses the best materials and provides quality construction of all its trailers.  Each trailer is insulated and sound proofed before being sheeted with plywood and covered with FRP white tile board and sealed with silicone to provide for many years of service without water damage.  Each trailer is equipped with a dual active carbon filter system that eliminates 90% of the heat and all of the odor of the trailers.  Dual evaporative coolers are utilized to maintain the temperature at optimum throughout the growing cycle. trailers are all equipped with custom made stainless steel water tanks.  Each tank has a recirculation feature to help mix nutrients.  All plumbing is run on the undercarriage.  There is a floor drain system, tank drain system, and tray drain system that all connect to the main waste line with check valves so the trailers can be efficiently maintained with only one drain line.  We use high quality stainless steel pumps and brass ball valves to control the flow of the irrigation to the system.  

The electrical system is built at or above NEMA standards and features a sub-panel on the front of the trailer to hook up your trailer.  Depending on the configuration of your trailer you will need to supply 50 to 125 amps of 120/240v power.  The trailers will also work with 120/208v power.  Each 240v system works with a 110v contactor so regular digital 110v timers can be utilized.
The Hydroponic system features hoods from Sun System including the “XL” and the “Ocho”, ballasts from Lumitek including the 1000 watt adjustable and the 600 watt, water monitors from BlueLab Guardian, Carbon Filters from Fresh, bulbs from Hortilux, and flood trays from Botainca.  

The trailers feature an advanced “ebb and flow” system.  Nutrients are mixed in the main tank via the built in recirculation and then pumped to the trays.  Plants in grow cubes placed on coco pads can get the perfect amount of nutrient water to feed the roots.  The trays then drain to a basin which pumps the nutrient water back into the main tank.  Water monitors are provided to help maintain PPM and PH balances.  

The trailers also feature our unique air flow system.  We bring in fresh air from filtered vents under the trays and suck that fresh air through the hoods and into a filter box.  We use one or two (depending on the number of lights) 1700 CFM fans to move the air through active carbon filters into the filter box.  We then use one or two more 1700 CFM fans to move the air in the filter box through more active carbon filters and exhaust through the roof. This constant flow of fresh air and air movement and filtering provides a superb environment for growing by simulating the natural flow of air that a plant gets in the outdoors while cleaning the exhausted air and eliminating 90 percent of the heat generated by the bulbs and 100% of any odors your plants may have.  A CO2 generator is also provided which can be set to turn on for several minutes every hour to supplement the natural CO2 found in the fresh air the system brings in.

The engineers at are working on a Touch Screen control module that will control all the functions of the trailer’s systems.  Using the touch screen interface you will be able to set your lights, pumps, ventilation, coolers, and CO2 generator to the perfect settings for your crop.  Look for the first of these touch screen systems to be available in the third quarter of 2010. currently has several models available.  From the 43’ “Beast” with 4 trays under 16 lights and a full veg room, to the 28’ “Mini” with one tray under 4 lights and a ½ size veg room, and everything in between.  Our best seller is the 39’ “Soldier” which features 4 trays under 16 lights and no veg room.  For the serious production grow a buyer could purchase three “Soldiers” and use one as a vegetation trailer and the other two as the Flowering trailers.  This would provide you with maximum optimization of cycling with 8 trays under 32 lights – truly a dream system.  This setup could fit in a 3000 square foot warehouse with 400 amps of 120/240v or 120/208v power. can also custom build your trailer.  We recently took a deposit on a modified “Soldier” model where we will be replacing the trays with a floor-drain system and the “ebb and flow” with 224 individual feeders.  Whatever the customer wants we can provide.  Whatever your grow style we can customize a trailer for you.  Another customer just purchased a 31’ trailer with 3 trays under 12 lights and no veg room.  Like the 3 “Soldier” scenario above, three of these trailers would make for a very nice and manageable system. is also exploring versions of our trailers with LED lighting.  We are working with several LED lighting companies to find the best product and the best pricing (meaning best value).  We recently quoted a 28’ “Mirage” system with 2 trays under full LED lighting and a full 4x8 tray veg room under LED lighting.  This trailer was quoted at $75,000 and, while a bit more expensive than the $65,000 regular model, it should make up that difference very quickly in operating costs due to the reduction in electricity for both LED lighting and for temperature control. is currently taking orders now for May production.  We have a short waiting list that is getting longer.  To get on the waiting list you will need to put up a 10% deposit.  This will hold your place in line.  When you are notified that production will begin on your trailer you will be asked for an additional 40% deposit.  Production is currently taking 4-6 weeks depending on the model.  When your trailer is ready you will pay the remaining 50% and take delivery.  It’s a simple, exciting process. can be reached online at and can also be found on and  We can be reached directly at or by calling 877-TOW-GRO-1.

# # # is a manufacturer of Advanced Mobile Hydroponic Grow Rooms. Our trailers are built to high specifications allowing you to grow the crops of your choice in a professional, efficient, and highly productive system.
Source:Tow and Grow, Inc.
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