Apparently Google Inc. plans huge relocation away from California

Shock: U.S. with 180 ° turnover in their media law. Google will leave California
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Puerto De La Cruz - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain

April 1, 2010 - PRLog -- For years, the U.S. government has been strongly condemning China’s Internet censorship. In February 2006, there was even a special unit called "Global Internet Freedom Task Force” that had been set up to review the policies on Internet censorship worldwide. This task force was especially supposed to focus on the foreign policy aspects of the freedom of expression on the Internet, the U.S. State Department explained at that time. In particular, the People's Republic of China was in the limelight. The years of debate ultimately even led to regulations that forced Google to pull back from their offices across China recently. It is even said that the U.S. government wanted to file a complaint against China at the WTO.

But now the situation seems to have turned over at a 180 degrees. Because as of a sudden, an internal source states that a large-scale displacement of the entire headquarters of the U.S. search engine titan Google Inc. to Tenerife has been announced. This result was due mainly to the fact that new U.S. media laws of the Obama government will put a significant restriction to the YouTube video portal and search results of the Google Video search, according to an internal document. For quite some time U.S. courts and lawyers specialized in intellectual property right have been dealing with that matter, since more and more illegal pirate copies in so-called high definition (HD-)quality on YouTube and Google would be freely available. Assumingly the driving force behind the law seems to be the U.S. music industry that has suffered billions of losses since many years.

But also the fact plays a role that California is very close to a total bankruptcy, as the first US state ever. As it turned out, the situation is even worse than in Greece. There is even a risk of a spread over to other states. California is facing a total budget loss of 20 billion U.S. dollars (14,73 million Euro). So it lacks of the chance to proceed with further necessary investments in the electrical and networking infrastructure, as mentioned in the internal document.

With the installation of the NAPWACI (Network Access Point West Africa-Canary Islands) and the resulting high speed broadband connection  to the Americas, the Canary Islands, Europe and West Africa, Tenerife has attracted quite some international attention. Apparently, even way inside the Google headquarters. Further on the internal paper states that the NAPWACI’s laying of the foundation stone in the island’s south on the ITER site will give Google a strategic advantage. Because, apparently totally unnoticed, Google had purchased a large area of fallow land including old industrial buildings and former plantations around the industrial district of Granadilla de Abona, presumably with the help of middlemen and subsidiaries. As well, the high number of sun-shining hours, strong winds and as a consequence thereof the possibility of seizing solar and wind energy are said to be part of Google’s considerations. A new ecologically oriented server center, operated by so-called “Greenergy”, and the new building complex for the 20.000 staff members are supposed to get into instruction very soon. In addition to that the extremely low labor costs and the tax benefits within the ZEC zone have had an influence on this major decision.

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