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Rodolfo Valentin, owner of one of the NYC top hair salons, and owner of best Long Island Salons, works fashionably and successfully achieving celebrity tiers.
By: Vanessa Show Smith
Add volume short hair
Add volume short hair
April 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Rodolfo Valentin most original product that continues to grow internationally is that of his trademarked brand of hair extensions, the worldwide famous Hair Infusion Extensions. This is the only hair extension that can be use just as a short hair extensions with the purpose of adding only volume.

Hair is one of our most noticeable features. It is also an essential form of self expression and personal style. Throughout our lives many of us crave a cosmetic refresher or completely different image, and hair is a physical attribute that can be easily altered and rejuvenated. A new hairstyle or haircut can make us feel renewed and beautiful. But such a transformation can be confusion and even distressing. A skilled and experienced hair stylist can help you discover the look that is right for you.

Society stylist Rodolfo Valentin is one of those truly exceptional and uniquely talented stylists who is blessed with an artistic instinct. Rodolfo isn’t just about the latest trends and hair fashions – he is inspired by a woman’s distinctive characteristics and considers each client as the exclusive individual she is. There is no typical or identifiable “Rodolfo Valentin haircut.” Every individual’s features stimulate his ability to create a custom style that captures their unique sense of beauty.

Short hairstyles are appropriate for all sorts of hair, straight or curly. Though short hair is not for everyone, some will find compressed hairstyles actually more gracious than longer hairstyles. There are many reasons women decide to go short. Many just want to be free of taking care of all that long care. Others may need to hut their hair because it has been damaged from having the wrong hair extensions or hair color. Some are just in search for a completely new look. For those who already have shorter hair, there are numerous different techniques to shape the hair that you may not be aware of.

It is important to remember that adopting short hair is a huge step, as you will have to live with the cut for a while before it grows back. Rodolfo Valentin knows that taking the push and going short is a big deal for women. The more research you do, and the more you know about your own hair, the happier you will be with the result. Also, be sure that you get a cut that suits your persona and lifestyle.

A further consideration with a short haircut is its future maintenance: regardless of your haircut and hair type, short hair needs to be trimmed even if you’re thinking of letting it grow. If your hair grows at an unusual speed, it will look irregular after a month, so it still requires a regular trim to keep it looking its best.

A short haircut should include all the fundamental elements of equilibrium, contour, and movement. The cut should be controllable and the hair must look great in its natural form even previous to being styled. Deciding on a short haircut style means choosing from a layered cut, shag, bob, and/or bangs, along with many other alternatives.

Women can thank pop singer Victoria Beckham for the short irregular bob hairstyle which rapidly turned out to be one of the most preferred hairstyles on the planet (but as with all celebrity fashion, the bob hairstyle has run its path – at least for this season!). Other hairstyle trendsetters like Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, and pop star Rihanna have revealed some fresh hairstyles. Rihanna, for instance, shortened her bob hairstyle, which is known in the hair trade as “the Pageboy cut,” as did Katie Holmes. Jessica Alba kept the same length of hair, but altered the tresses into more contemporary waves.

Some final words of wisdom about short styles: When getting that first haircut, do not go too short. You can always get it trimmed. Also, make sure don’t have special occasions or events like a wedding coming up soon; you want to feel comfortable in your new look before stepping out before the crowds.

“Long hair is always in style, and long hairstyles are always a great look,” says Rodolfo. Take some time to find the perfect long hairstyle for your face and skin tone. For those with long hair, it is optimum to take good care of it with the proper shampoos, conditioners, and special treatments.

Though it is harder to manage than short hair, longer hair offers a diversity of lengthened hairstyles to choose from. From trends with long, elegant, soft locks that smoothly move with the breeze to chic up-dos for nights on the town, long hairstyles are perfect ways to show off your beautiful hair.

Bangs are a gorgeous choice that will look amazing on a lot of women. Soft, wavy hair and carelessly swept bangs create a great, natural look. Layered cuts in a long hairstyle fashions a unique, sleek hairstyle with razor cuts and irregular ends. The uneven part allows the hair to directly frame the facial area. This long hairstyle is also fitting for many facial shapes.

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Vanessa Show Smith, a fashion and beauty editor for South America, North America and European press.
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