Digital Info Security Company to Host EncryptDisc’s Managed Services as Exclusive Hosting Partner

DISC and ENCRYPTX Corporation announce the offering of EncryptDisc™ Managed Services. DISC is the exclusive hosting partner for this CD-R, DVD-R & Blu-ray Imation optical media with built-in EncryptDisc burning and government-strength encryption.
March 31, 2010 - PRLog -- Digital Info Security Company (DISC) (http:// in partnership with ENCRYPTX Corporation (http:// is excited to announce the offering of EncryptDisc™ Managed Services. DISC is the select hosting partner for this highly anticipated CD-R, DVD-R & Blu-ray Imation optical media with built-in EncryptDisc burning and government-strength encryption from ENCRYPTX. Under this service, DISC will provide hosting for EncryptDisc’s optional Administrative Console providing administrative, auditing and management for users requiring enhanced data and policy control. EncryptDiscs will be distributed and sold globally along with the optional management service to the government, medical and business markets by OEM partners Imation, ENCRYPTX, Rocky Mountain RAM, Compass Medical, and North Central Sight Services.

EncryptDisc Managed Services are designed to provide companies with an affordable hosted solution for auditing of the information on EncryptDiscs and users. Managed Services is ideal for firms and agencies that do not have, or do not want to allocate, the resources (software, hardware, IT staff) to provide 24/7 support for potentially thousands of end-users using the protected EncryptDiscs. As a managed service, DISC provides hassle-free management of a company’s encrypted discs. DISC will maintain all of this from its state-of-the-art datacenter for both basic and premium services.

EncryptDisc Enterprise Managed Service Basic
The Basic Administrative Server Managed Service of EncryptDiscs eliminates potential problems of forgotten passwords and exposure should the disc ever become lost or stolen.
•   No capital expenses, no hardware or software maintenance, no extra load on your network.
•   Instant password recovery if a user forgets or loses their password to the EncryptDisc.
•   Ensure sensitive data never gets into the wrong hands. Provides users the ability to instantly disable any disc believed to be lost, stolen, or in the possession of someone who is no longer trusted.

EncryptDisc Enterprise Managed Service Premium
The Premium Administrative Server Managed Service provides all of the benefits of DISC’s basic EncryptDisc Basic Managed Service (above) with additional features including:
•   The Administrative Server retains an audit trail of what files are encrypted and stored on each individual EncryptDisc.
•   The audit trail contains meta-data about the contents of the EncryptDiscs; from what PCs or servers the files came from, the users that are accessing these discs and files, on which PCs and servers, and the type of user operations being performed with the files (e.g. open, copy, delete, modify, etc.).
•   The administrator can configure policies to turn on or off content and event tracking, and if offline or out of network disc usage is allowed based on the trust level of the organization and users.
•   A personal dedicated server hosted in our data center
•   Administrative Server Management Console
•   Ability to set and enforce strong password policies
•   Anti-theft detection and prevention
•   Audit trail of what files have been burned onto encrypted discs (optional)
•   Audit trail of what files have been decrypted off of discs onto other computers (optional)
•   Chain of custody forensics (optional)

•   CD-Rs jujmg and DVD-Rs with EncryptDisc technology can be purchased through:
o   DISC (http:// Charles States, 1-866-841-5970, Email:
o   ENCRYPTX (http:// Phil Velella, 774-249-8110, Email:

Digital Info Security Company with its state-of-art datacenters specializes in automated services for compliance, such as Remote Backup, E-mail Compliance and Archiving, Instant Message Archiving & Monitoring, Electronic Discovery, and E-mail Encryption. DISC provides IT solutions for companies of all sizes.  DISC and its associates have extensive experience with Encryption, Archiving, and other Hosted Services for clients around the world.  For more information about DISC, please visit http://

ENCRYPTX, a BeCompliant Company is a leader in encryption and security solutions for removable devices and removable media. ENCRYPTX removable device and media security products have been protecting consumers, enterprise and government devices and media since 1999. ENCRYPTX products are used commercially by thousands of corporate users including well known organizations such as IBM, General Dynamics, Sony Corporation, Boeing, KPMG, Science Applications International Corporation, and by numerous local, state and federal agencies and US Department of Defense organizations. ENCRYPTX removable media and drive security products have been bundled and sold by leading OEM manufacturers on over 20 million devices worldwide. http://

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