Young Investors Learn About Investing At Wall Street Summer Camp For Kids and Teens

Future Investor Clubs of America's Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camp teaches students about the world of banking, investing saving and more!
March 28, 2010 - PRLog -- Exciting, fun and informative are usually terms reserved for summer camps held at parks and recreation centers.    However times are changing, as the three terms are now often heard by students attending the Future Investor Clubs of America’s (FICA), Young Investors Wall Street training summer camps.  The FICA Young Investors Wall Street summer camps are designed for students ages 8-19.  Participating students enjoy a week of interactive financial activities, stock market games and comprehensive financial intelligence training to prepare for a lifetime of successful investing.  In addition, students are provided the opportunity to go on field trips to local financial districts and question guest speakers from some of America's largest corporations.  

FICA’s Wall Street training summer camps are often held on the campuses of some of America's most prestigious Colleges and Universities.  Each summer camp has been designed to provide special emphases on investing in key economic industries, such as: Travel & Tourism, Technology, Communications, Entertainment, Media, Energy, Space Technology, Commodity Markets, Franchise Corporations, Banking, Insurance, Toys, Sporting Goods and more.  Each Wall Street camper receives a certificate of completion, plus a chance to win awards and prizes.  As a result, learning about the world of Wall Street and investing has never been this much fun!                              

Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT)

The Young Investors Wall Street summer camp is part of the FICA Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT) system that teaches students to adhere to our philosophy that "Building Wealth Takes Practice" TM.  “Our students gain a tremendous amount of insight into the inner workings of business, investing and saving” states camp Program Director, Mrs. Sandra Perkins.  Mrs. Perkins further explains that “professional athletes in major sports begin harnessing their skills at very young age usually around the age of 8 and some even sooner.”  

According to retired investment advisor and Future Investor Clubs of America President, Mr. Frank Parks, “in order for young people to become successful financially as with sports, it is equally important for students to begin learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest possible age.  Parents often make the mistake of thinking that their kids and teens are either too young or that most are not interested in learning about financial matters.  
FICA’s experience has shown just the opposite; our research shows that a majority of students do in fact want to know how to help make their future financial lives better.”  

Therefore, to help students better understand financial matters, the FICA’s Young Investors Wall Street Camp incorporates a five phase comprehensive approach for those enrolled in our financial intelligence training programs, they are:  American Dream Planning; Young Investors Training; Stock Market and Investing Portfolio Development; Financial Whiz Kids and Teens Challenge, and for continuing education the Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School online network.

Young Investors Wall Street Camp Training

During the first day of camp each student gets right into action by actively designing their American Dream Plan that provides them with a road map to use during the investment training process.  According to Certified Financial Trainer, Mrs. Schultz, the American Dream Plan is an exciting program that is presented in a fun "Financial Pep Rally' type atmosphere and prepares students for additional financial training applications.  Students are then introduced to basic banking, saving and investment skills designed to prepare them for the second phase of their training that incorporates the Young Investors Training Kit.  

According to Mr. Parks, the Young Investors Training Kit, “ is a comprehensive financial intelligence training system that consists of 9 very important sections."  The Young Investors Training Kit is designed to introduce students to Financial Terminology, Insurance and Banking, Financial Planning, Investment Terminology, Investing In Stocks, Annuities, Bonds, and Mutual Funds, Online Trading and Financial Web-Sites, Career and Credit Management, and Starting An Investment Club

Each section is carefully delivered by our Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers.  During the third phase of the summer camp training, each student practices investing by using our online national and international Stock Market Game.  The fourth phase of the summer camp prepares students to continue their education once the camp ends, by showing them how to access the FICA Whiz Kids and Teens e-School online network. the FICA Whiz Kids and Teens e-School online network provides additional curriculum, lesson plans, links, quizzes and worksheets.  

Financial Whiz Kids Challenge and Competition

During the final phase of the FICA Young Investors Wall Street summer camps each student participates in our Financial Whiz Kids Challenge and Competition.  Each student is tested on their knowledge of the stock market and other financial intelligence skills.  Students are then ready to compete for the designation of top Financial Whiz Kid or Teen.  Students compete for cash prizes, electronics, games, gift cards, savings bonds and more!  Learning about the world of Wall Street and financial matters has never been so exciting, fun and informative.  FICA Young Investors Wall Street summer camps are conducted by our well trained staff of FICA Leaders, Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers and Interns.  FICA Young Investors Wall Street camps are scheduled from one to four weeks.  

For those parents and students seeking additional training, we recommend registering for our  annual Financial Leadership Training and Tours held at top financial centers around the world.   The annual Financial Leadership Training and Tours include visits to such places as the New York Stock Exchange; Chicago Board of Trade; Chicago Board Options Exchange; Federal Reserve Bank, Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington DC.  If that’s not enough our top students are eligible to represent Future Investor Clubs of America during our International Financial Training Camps and Conferences held in places such as: China, Japan, Europe, South America, Africa and more!  To learn more about our upcoming FICA Young Investors Wall Street summer camps and events visit

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Future Investor Clubs of America is quickly being recognized as a leader in youth financial education training. Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., has designed a system to provide individuals, schools and groups with the tools needed to establish a comprehensive financial and business intelligence-training program. Future Investors Club of America programs includes but yet goes beyond introductory consumer economics and simulated games. FICA programs provide students with comprehensive financial and business intelligence training including real life skills. FICA financial and business intelligence training programs adheres to the philosophy that "becoming wealthy takes practice!" There are three main training components associated with the FICA financial intelligence practice training system, they are: Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT), Advanced Financial Intelligence Training and Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT).
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