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There is no doubt that the transcription industry has a continual flow of work with exponentially increasing numbers. How, then, do you speed up the process of transcribing without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of the end product?
The Future of Transcription
The Future of Transcription
March 26, 2010 - PRLog -- As a transcription company, what are your priorities; what are your goals?  One of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, of any company is figuring out how to be the most productive with the least amount of time, effort and cost, increase profit and maintain a high quality service.  Transcription is no different in this idealism.  Herein lies the problem and the solution.  There is no doubt that the transcription industry has a continual flow of work with exponentially increasing numbers.  How, then, do you speed up the process of transcribing without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of the end product?  I found the answer at  Meditropolis provides a revolutionary software service specifically for the medical transcription community as a solution to this problem.  Their SayIt technology software is 99% accurate, 3 x faster than your average typist and enables the transcriptionist to increase work load, thus generating more clients and income without sacrificing quality or efficiency.    

Speech recognition software in general is not new technology; however, Meditropolis’ SayIt voice-to-text solution is the latest development after years spent devising software that could incorporate the challenges of speech recognition and medical terminology, including medications, anatomical terms and procedures, into an easy-to-use and highly accurate program.  Medical procedures, terms and medicines and constantly changing; Meditropolis’ research teams have anticipated the need for these changes and have designed the software to incorporate transparent upgrades without disrupting the flow of work, adding terms and functions as necessary.  The person merely speaks in his/her natural voice and the software program converts it directly to text.  Remember, the program has been designed specifically for medical services; therefore, medical terms have been pre-programmed and will be recognized.  This software reduces errors in the transcription and results in faster turnaround times, less overhead and happier clients.  The technology filters out inadvertent speech patterns with 99% accuracy and can be directly placed into any application, such as MS Word, as well as conversion into any EMR/EHR system.   Flexibility is the key.  SayIt was designed with the intent of flexibility, achieving a product that can integrate well with multiple applications and can incorporate existing macros, templates and autocorrects that the MT is already familiar with.  

Simplicity is essential.  No one wants to use a program that is difficult, over-designed or with too many functions.  With this goal in mind, Meditropolis constructed an intuitive user interface, something that comes naturally and is readily understood.  No manuals are needed and training takes less than 10 minutes.  The commands are simple and easy to understand.  Similar voice-to-text programs have been developed in the past, but lacked the simplicity of use and high performance.  If a program is too complicated to learn or too complex to use, then productivity is decreased and profitability goes down.  SayIt was designed with simplicity as a key component to assist in increasing productivity and increasing profit margin.  Created to work seamlessly with other programs, there are no worries about incompatibility.  No new information technology (IT) is needed and best of all, there are no programs to install on your computer!  Everything you need to begin is immediately available.  

Meditropolis is a server based solution.  The advantages of server based vs. PC based solutions are tremendous.    The server based solution offers little impact to the desktop computer, achieving a better architecture, access from any location, powerful administrative functions and the online preservation of user profiles, which is a critical aid for disaster recovery.  Because of the transparent maintenance upgrades, IT professionals are not required and the changes are effective immediately with little or no effort on your part.  PC based solutions cannot offer the same advantages.  

With technological advances, cell phones and people constantly on the go, access to medical records from anywhere and at any time is a necessity.  Simply stated, ‘any place, any time’ clearly purveys the Meditropolis perspective on accessibility.  They understand the importance of secure retrieval and input of medical records and have designed global access that is available 24/7.  With Meditropolis, you receive only the highest quality of service regardless of where you are or what the time of day may be.  The application is designed to manage high volume and thousands of users simultaneously, capable of supporting large medical facilities operating 24/7 or smaller 1-2 person operations.  Support of mobile device dictation, portable dictaphones, audio uploads and telephone access is included.  The SayIt voice-to-text software converts dictation into medical records accurately in seconds, not days.  There is no other comparative solution for voice-to-text that is this accurate, this efficient, this easy to use and this accessible at such an attainable price.  

Meditropolis offers the best speech recognition software available at a fraction of the cost for alternative solutions.  Pricing plans range as low as a few pennies per line of text (65 characters) to unlimited usage for a couple hundred dollars each month.  To view the offered pricing options, visit their webpage located at .  Customers can expect a whopping 40% to 70% savings from comparable services.  As an added bonus, you can try the system for a free trial period with no obligations.  Meditropolis is certain you will be blown away by the results from your service.  After all, increasing profit margins, increasing client base, happier physicians and shortened work cycles make a winning combination.  

With the addition of HIPPA and HITECH regulations, not to mention insurance requirements, demand for transcription services has increased significantly and will only continue to rise.  Not only can the transcriptionist benefit from Meditropolis’ SayIt technology, but the health care provider greatly benefits as well.  Compare the average work cycle of the existing standard for transcription to the almost direct conversion of dictation to chart with the SayIt application.  Work tasks are streamlined, errors are significantly reduced and work cycles can be shortened by at least 60 minutes a day by utilizing this program.  The Meditropolis solution will allow you to be more productive, increase your client base and handle this expected growth in the industry, all while increasing your profitability and leveraging advantages over your competitors.  With the capacity to support future technology enhancements and applications without changing your transcription solution, the possibilities remain endless with this flexible service.  Our review of this technology indicates that the Meditropolis solution is a clear winner that will hugely impact transcription productivity and accuracy.    Why limit your company with costly outdated technology when there is a better way – Meditropolis SayIt.

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For 12 years now, I have worked (and continue to work) in my home office transcribing dictation for multiple medical offices, as well as miscellaneous transcription for non-medical businesses. I have raised (and continue to raise) my two beautiful daughters as I remain working from home. I have recently embarked on a course of expanding my business to include creative writing services with web content, blog content, press releases, business reviews and much more. The outcomes have been excellent and I look forward to this new direction.
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