Low Platelets Symptoms - Increase Platelets Naturally

Are you having symptoms that may indicate low platelets? What are low platelets symptoms anyway? If you have a low platelet blood count can you increase platelets naturally? Answers to these a more are addressed . You might be surprised by them.
By: Laura H Jean
March 25, 2010 - PRLog -- What are low platelets symptoms and what can be done about it? that is a good question, actually two questions. We will address both in this short press release.

Since platelets are the blood component that causes clotting, if your platelets are low you might notice that cuts take a little longer to stop bleeding an form a scab. This would be a symptom of mildly low platelet count and for many that is as far as it goes.

For others low platelets symptoms could include prolong bleeding of scratches and wounds or even bleeding of the gums. Often times blood blisters are found on the inside of the lips. Since the low platelets count allows the blood vessels to leak bruising can appear for no reason. Many tiny ones all over the body looking more like a rash could also be the case.

In real serious cases internal bleeding is the result but at this level you would know for sure something was wrong and would be in the hospital.

Another low platelets symptoms is fatigue but this usually goes with the above symptoms but by itself is not an indicator. Of course other symptoms my accompany the above but that will vary from person to person. The main identifying symptoms mentioned above all involve various forms of bleeding and bruising.

The first thing to be done about it is to see a doctor. A qualified doctor's management of your blood platelets count is very important. He will help you by taking test to find out the reason for your platelet dysfunction. Basically one of two things is happening. Either your bone marrow's production of platelets is being interfered with or your platelets themselves are being destroyed faster than they can be produced.

For many low blood platelet counts is the result of the latter. Their body is destroying their platelets. This is an autoimmune disorder which means that your own immune system is confused and causing antibodies to attack you platelets. Finding the cause of the immune systems confusion is important. There are a lot of "triggers" and sometimes there is more that one.

The good side to all of this is you can increase platelets naturally. This can be anything from getting the proper nutrition in your diet to taking supplements you are deficient in. Also avoiding things you are allergic to may be the case. Many have a food allergy all their lives and don't realize it until they get a little older and their body reaches a saturation point and the symptoms raise their ugly head.

At any age, healthy living is the key. The sooner the better. I suggest seeing a nutritionally orientated or naturopathic doctor for assistance. His or hers services are invaluable. Also educate your self as much as possible on the subject. This has become very easy with the advent of the Internet. Good health to you!

Laura H Jean recommends natural methods to fight low platelet blood count. Increase platelets and end platelet dysfunction without the nasty side effects of standard treatments.


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