Dare to Be Bare This Spring

Martha has created something new. Celebrating her launch of her new beauty line BARE, and for the frequent and discerning traveller, BARE-fly - she has created a perfume as well - Dare to Be Bare.
By: Bare Body Collection
Dare to Be Bare Perfume
Dare to Be Bare Perfume
March 17, 2010 - PRLog -- BARE Dare to Be Bare explores the sensuality of tuberose rendering white blossoms both as bathed in the sunlight and touched by the evening shadows.

In the Victorian language of flowers, tuberose signified dangerous pleasures, while in India young girls were warned against inhaling its aphrodisiac scent after dark, lest it lead them into trouble.

Dare to Be Bare parfum has all the qualities of a typical feminine fragrance - flowers (tuberose, ylang ylang, etc.) and fruit (coconut, melon). What makes Dare to Be Bare parfum great on a woman is how unpredictable it is. All of the notes are turned up to full blast in a rich, creamy and over-the-top fashion. Tuberose is the main star of the show, backed by the fruity notes of ylang, and the dirty, indolic qualities of jasmine and orange blossom.

Together they make a loud, brash scent.

You can find this limited distribution of Dare to Be Bare perfume exclusively at Martha Choy's www.BareBodyCollection.com or at www.MarthasClosetOnline.com.

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Internet Marketing and Sales specializing in drop-ship of designer clothing, accessories and jewelry. Just recently we have launched the private bath, body and fragrance line, the Bare Body Collection by Martha's Closet.

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