Lip Gloss Teen Magazine Issue IV Strikes a Chord with the Minority Audience

Lip Gloss Teen Magazine celebrates the limitless potential of a girl, daring her to embrace her individuality and to try something new. Issue 4 features two dynamic young women who exemplify creativity and philanthropy.
March 10, 2010 - PRLog -- Lip Gloss Teen Magazine has done it again! This sassy new publication for minority teen girls has hit the waves with a stylish, colorful and positive new issue. Issue 4 features the multitalented and philanthropic celebrity Chani Christie and the teen entrepreneur behind Adele's Literacy Library, Adele Taylor.

While Lip Gloss is primarily targeted at the 13-18, US minority female population; it has proved to have a universal appeal. With 15,000 unique readers from six continents and every imaginable ethnicity, the Lip Gloss name is hot on everyone's lips. Teens appreciate the realness and variety of the articles. From beauty tips and fashion spreads to spirituality, politics and boys, Lip Gloss talks about the things teens are interested in the language they speak. In addition, parents are happy to finally have a teen magazine that they can trust.

“I think your magazine is the best I have seen for young women. It is so needed and your emphasis on self reliance, self-esteem and service to others is a dynamic approach. Your models are real and that is what our girls need.” - J. Dodson, Colorado

Executive Editor, Dolores Brown birthed the idea for L.G. while working in an after school program in a very under served area of Queens, NY. Within her smart and talented middle school girls, there were remarkably few who aimed for more than being a 'video girl' or 'marrying a baller'. Faced with the low expectations of many of the girls (and parents), she knew that something had to be done. With a background in fashion and the creative arts, she chose the media as her mode of affecting change.

"I subscribed to every teen magazine I could find, to see if the message being sent was really as conflicted and troubling as it seemed. I will admit that there are some great, uplifting magazines out there, but it seemed like everyone was missing a small piece of the puzzle that would provide something of meaning to our girls. They need to see themselves represented in fun, smart and fashionable ways. They need to hear about opportunities in life beyond winning a free t-shirt. And they need to see this consistently without negativity, misogyny or sexualized imagery. They need to be shown that being a women of color is something dynamic, special and dare I say, cool!"

With retailers jumping at their affordable ad rates and a creative team of young professionals bursting with energy and new ideas, L.G. is poised to take over. This year will bring a new interactive website, a chain of fun events, 6 fresh issues of Lip Gloss and a host of exciting surprises.

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Lip Gloss is a teen magazine for minority girls. Lip Gloss celebrates the limitless potential of a girl, daring her to embrace her individuality and to try something new.

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