Oh, Those Spicy Piano Chords

Have a hunger to approach those piano chords in a more creative fashion? Then download this little manuscript that just my be the connecting link between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to realizing your creative potential...
By: Nora Jaminsky
March 10, 2010 - PRLog -- A primary interest of those who pursue the study of jazz piano is to engage themselves in the art of playing jazz piano chords, commonly referred to as "voicings" or "chord voicings." If this includes you, chances are you appreciate a little primer that has just been made available. The manuscript is entitled "The Pianist's Palette."

Written by pianist/teacher David Longo, this introduction to the art of playing "spicy" piano chords is not primarily for the jazz piano enthusiast - not even close. People interested in all idioms will view this information as eye-opening. This unique presentation includes text, graphics, and video samples.

The person who grabs a copy of "The Pianist's Palette" will be the individual who is either looking to break away from their current chord knowledge limitations and would like to approach playing piano chords with a more creative mind set, or the jazz piano student who is looking for a perfect connecting link between elementary study and more advanced jazz piano chord voicing concepts.

Encouraging and inspiring in nature, this manuscript is currently available as a free download. Truly, exposure to this primer will leave you with a hunger for wanting to know more about piano chords. It's a short read that makes it point well. "The more tools you have in your 'playing toolbox, the more equipped you are to tap into your own personal creative potential." says author David Longo.

If you enjoy experimenting with piano chords and have a desire to take your understanding to the next level, you are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to own what just might be the "kick start" you have been searching for.

For a limited time, you can download "The Pianist's Palette" at this link:

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