Women's Self Defence - Tips For Defending Against a Knife Attack

People who use knives are not of a normal mental framework, they don't think like us, some of them don't think at all, they don't consider the ramifications of using such a weapon.
By: Availene Gaston
March 10, 2010 - PRLog -- Being confronted by a knife wielding attacker is possibly the most frightening situation you could ever encounter. Even more so than a gun, because psychologically the thought of being cut or stabbed is a terrible thought for most people.

The first point is that anything you have seen of television regarding knife defense is a load of rubbish and should be avoided. Even many of the techniques taught in martial arts schools are just wrong and will get you hurt.

How do I know? Because with 35 years of self defence experience we have tried them all. We put on protective gear and use a training knife that is very close to the real thing.

95% of defence techniques have failed this testing. But there are specific things you can do.

Most people who use knives will secret the weapon, it will usually be held out of your line of sight. If you see someone approaching you with a hand held behind their back, you must loudly demand to see what they are holding.

If it is nothing then you might feel a bit silly, but if they show the knife or continue towards you, you must back up and scream for help. Don't hold back!

This is the most important thing you can do, it may save your life. If you find yourself in this situation ina crowded place or on the street, but this time the person is close to you, then certainly scream, but this time you have to take physical action.

We have repeatedly tested this, if your hands are high, as in a typically defensive stance, then you just won't have time to react, but if you have one hand low you can use it to jam the arm as or before it comes from behind their back.

This will buy you time to attract attention. Knife defence isn't about fighting your attacker, its about your immediate response. Practice the above technique with someone you trust, but use a stick or some blunt object, at least until you get a feel for the response.

A variation on this is if you are walking towards someone who appears suspicious or their hand is hidden. Cross the street if you can, but otherwise as you pass step slightly away from them, and turn your body so that you expose your side and protect your torso. The arm which is closest to their hidden hand can be used to jam their arm should they produce a weapon.

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