Surya Biofertilizers Now Available To Gardeners Nationwide

Organic, all-natural soil and plant treatments offer effective alternative to chemical fertilizers
By: Surya Biofertilizers
March 8, 2010 - PRLog -- CHARLESTON, S.C. – March 8, 2010 – Surya Biofertilizers, a provider of organic, all-natural products to increase soil fertility and enhance plant growth, today announced the national retail launch of its full line of home garden applications including SHOOTUP™, GROWMORE™ and GROWZYME™. Developed in accordance with strict USDA protocols with beneficial microbes, Surya products offer healthy treatments for plants and soil that are extremely effective, non-pathogenic and safe for application around people and pets.

“For years, American gardeners have been told that the only way to get bigger fruits and vegetables or a lush green lawn is through the regular use of chemical fertilizer, plant food and pesticides,” says Surya Biofertilizers president Jonathan Butler.  “It’s simply not true. Our soil and plant treatments are all-natural and 'probiotic', providing microbes that are not only beneficial, but also essential to healthy, outstanding lawns and gardens without contaminating the soil, harming the environment, or endangering the people and animals that live nearby.”

The sustainable principles and all-natural ingredients that make up Surya products were originally developed more than 15 years ago in India, where viable cropland is in short supply. Because of this limitation, Indian farmers and scientists were forced to seek out long-term sustainable alternatives to the detrimental impact of traditional chemical fertilizers. Through the development and use of microbial biofertilizers, Indian farms have been able to both reduce their dependence on chemical treatments and sustain the fertility of their fields season after season.

Today, those sustainable breakthroughs are available to American growers through Surya’s line of liquid probiotic formulas. Each bottle of SHOOTUP™, GROWMORE™ and GROWZYME™ contains beneficial microbes that maximize nutrient uptake and provide a safe, effective alternative to chemical fertilizers. To learn more about Surya products and find out where they are available, go to

Surya Biofertilizers is a leading provider of organic, all-natural products developed to enhance plant growth by increasing soil fertility for home and commercial gardening. Surya's clean, non-chemical formulas are purely microbial and offer proven results that are environmentally sustainable and safe for use around people and pets. For more information, visit

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