Meeting Wizard, Shirley Fine Lee Gives Meeting Agenda Tips via Podcast

Shirley Fine Lee, author of RARA A Meeting Wizard’s Approach, released a tips podcast on creating an action-based meeting agenda. These tips help make for more efficient meetings.
By: S.Lee
March 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Shirley Fine Lee, who is the author of the management book “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach” released her first podcast of meeting tips.  The purpose of the podcast series is to help business teams improve their meetings with short tips to help make them more efficient.  The initial podcast created from hints in her book on creating effective meeting agendas is titled “Action-based Agendas”.  The podcast elaborates on the 3T method for agendas that is outlined in her book.  The podcast may be downloaded for free from her website at under the audio-video (A/V)) option at the top of the page.

“R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach” is a no-nonsense guide to planning and conducting meetings so that they are as productive, effectual, and smoothly run as possible.  The approach is pronounced rah-rah as if in a cheer.  In the book it states the letters in the title acronym stand for the four main components of productive meetings.  These are having an agenda, using roles, assigning actions, and keeping records.  

When speaking to groups on her meeting management approach, Ms. Lee is often asked where teams should start if a member wants to make a change in how they handle meetings without making it too much of a current culture shock for the rest of the team.  Shirley suggests “Just like in time management, you should start with the A’s.  If you use an agenda then your meeting will be more efficient.  If you also become better at capturing action items, you make the meeting results more effective.”  This explains why she started the series with meeting agendas and  why her plan for the next podcast will be assigning action items from meetings.  Find out more about Shirley Fine Lee, as well as training and keynote topics on her website

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