Nature Within – Keeping Baby Skincare Simple

Nature Within unveils a new range of organic baby skincare exclusively for sensitive, allergy prone skin.
March 3, 2010 - PRLog -- Did you know that one in five children suffer from eczema? Paediatric research has confirmed that a new born baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than an adult therefore making a baby’s skin more prone to dryness and irritation which can lead to eczema.

Finding an easy and cost effective therapy you can implement into your baby’s daily skin care routine is often not as easy as it seems.

Walk down the aisle of any supermarket, chemist or baby boutique and the choice in skincare is overwhelming. You are inundated with soap, shampoo, moisturising lotions, creams, ointments, bubble bath, bath oil, powders – the list is endless.

While there are good, natural, organic options available, there are limited products available that are also free from essential oils.

Until now

Available from April 2010 - Nature Within has a divine range of unscented, natural, organic skin care specifically developed for baby’s sensitive skin.

Created by Queensland aromatherapist and mother of two children with eczema, Nadine Hall

“My daughter’s skin was so sensitive, even the mildest essential oils would irritate her skin. I also found that by applying a rich moisturiser which I had formulated using Shea Butter, Avocado and Vitamin B5 to her skin 3 times a day, reduced the number and severity of her eczema outbreaks”. Nadine explains

Nadine noticed that most of the baby products on the market tailored to sensitive skin contained essential oils or synthetic fragrances. “babies’ under 3 months should have a very simple skincare routine and shouldn’t use products containing essential oils”. Nadine explains

Over 3 years Nadine researched this growing problem in children and developed a range of skin care that is Ph balanced and contained hypoallergenic ingredients rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to soften, soothe and protect baby’s skin while being completely unscented.

Future products due for release in May will include the much anticipated TGA listed Soothing, Moisturising Eczema Cream and some beautiful Bamboo & Organic Cotton Rompers that are wonderfully silky soft on baby’s skin.

Nature Within products are free from the following:

•   Artificial colours, fragrances and essential oils
•   Petrochemicals and mineral oils
•   Sulphate surfactants and paraben preservatives
•   Pesticides and fertilizers

The products are not tested on animals and only recyclable packaging is used.

Nature Within – Keeping baby skincare simple

Nature Within Product Range

Baby Bath & Hair Cleanser 250ml
This gentle low foaming, Ph balanced, fragrance free blend is specially formulated to cleanse and nurture your baby’s skin and hair using a nourishing blend of certified organic Avocado, Evening Primrose oils and Aloe Vera.
Suitable for sensitive, dry, itchy and eczema prone skin

Baby Body Moisturiser 200ml
A nourishing blend of certified organic shea butter and avocado oil, combined with the nurturing properties of calendula and evening primrose, this rich moisturiser will leave your baby’s skin feeling simply divine.
Suitable for sensitive, dry, itchy, and eczema prone skin
For best results use within 2-5 minutes of baby’s bath to help protect baby’s skin from moisture loss.

Baby Bottom & Barrier Balm 50gm
A rich nourishing balm of Shea butter, beeswax, calendula and vitamin E will provide a light barrier and protect and soothe little bottoms.
Suitable for nappy rash and cradle cap

Baby Bath & Massage Oil 125ml
Specially formulated with a rich blend of Apricot Kernel and Safflower Oil combined with the skin softening properties of calendula, evening primrose oil and vitamin E this blend will ensure your baby’s next massage is sheer bliss.
Suitable for sensitive, dry, itchy, and eczema prone skin
Tip: To help the oil disperse in bath water add an equal amount of full cream milk to the water.

Beautiful Baby Gift Pack
This gorgeous pack is the perfect gift for the new baby and contains:
1 x 250ml Baby Bath & Hair Cleanser
1 x 200ml Baby Moisturiser
1 x 50gm Baby Bottom
1 x 125ml Baby Massage & Bath Blend

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Nature Within is a manufacturer and retailer of natural, organic skincare and sleepwwear specifically for babies with sensitive, allergy prone skin.
Nature Within is an Australian company based in Queensland.

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