The Great Indian Churning

The Great Indiyan Churning-An attempt to see Ancient mythology and Modern Indian Politics thorugh one kaleidoscope
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March 3, 2010 - PRLog --

I was reading about an article on the 2k9 elections on an easy chair. TV in the background was screening the 'SAMUDRA MANTHAN’( The Churning of The Ocean) episode from the show Vishnu Puran. I dozed off in the middle and had a dream:

Somewhere, sometime during the evolution of Civilisation, existed one republic-Indiya. Indiya was a republic of many villages, a diverse gene pool and a mosaic of different cultures, customs and priorities.
And for the control of the republic were many political groups. Each of them claimed to be paragon of virtues and paradoxically, ethics and morals were most frequently discarded by them in lust of power. As a result, trust of the people of Indiya gradually plummeted in the democratic setup. Founding fathers of Indiya prophesied this and thus allowed people to recruit Interlocutors. Interlocutor would   informally explain the views of a government and also can relay messages back to a government.
They had two main parties: Devata and Asura. Though their names meant the Good and the Bad in Sanskrit, for Indiya and Indiyans, they were just two choices. It was hard to distinguish Who was bad, who was good?
MoneyMohan, the head of the government of the Devata Party , while riding on his Limousine called Airavat, came across the people's interlocutor named Durvasa. Durvasa offered him a special garland. MoneyMohan accepted the garland, placing it on the Hood of the Airavat. However, a sudden break due to speed breaker ahead had the garland thrown to the ground. This enraged the Interlocutor, who perceived it as autocratic and an intentional insult to the people. Durvasa cursed MoneyMohan and worked his way to have all Devatas to be bereft of all strength, energy, and fortune. He went ahead to argue and convince the Supreme Justice Court of Indiya to dismiss the government.
As politics in Indiya started meandering, elections were called. Devatas and Asuras prepared to contest the mandate of the people. Devatas sought help from Interlocutor Vishnu. Vishnu was an educated, well respected intellectual. Vishnu advised them to treat Asuras in a diplomatic manner.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In my dreams, I saw the two political factions-Asuras and Devatas, readying themselves to churn the people of Indiya: The oceans of people residing in Indiya. An ocean which has assimilated different rivers-rivers of ethnicities, religions, dogma and geography. And by this churning of the Ocean, they shall get the mandate-the de jure right to rule the people and implement their policies in the republic of India. They called it Amrit.
The Election Commission of Indiya chalked out the plans for the Churning. The election process, a task hefty and gigantic like Mount Mandar, was to be the churning tool and Vasuki-the desire of the parties to rule the masses, became the churning rope. The Devatas and the Asuras held the snake and they pulled on it alternately causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean and both the groups spoke out their agendas simultaneously. However, once the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink in response to people’s frustration with the dismal functioning of their governors. Indiyan’s trust in democracy had sunk to the bottom layers of despair. The interlocutor, Vishnu went on to explain to the people the need for elections- to support the Mandar for the welfare of Indiya. He used every diplomatic instrument, from fear of communists to the possibility of military junta, to reinforce the faith of the Indiyans in the democratic process. He carried out this arduous task and newspapers metaphorised him as a Turtle supporting the mountain Mandar on his back.

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Shrey Vats writes and publishes here.He is senior undergraduate engineering student and loves many things.
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