Perform Ganapathi Homam To Get Rid Of Obstacles In Life

If any one is running Ketu dasa or bhukti or there is some dosha of Ketu in the horoscope, he can perform Ganapathy Homa and get relief. Performing Ganapathy Homa once every year will give prosperity, health and wealth.
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Feb. 28, 2010 - PRLog -- Our body is built with five elements, earth, fire, water, sky and wind.  Fire is a symbol of energy.  Without energy there is no life.  Hence the fire God “Agni” is worshipped by our ancestors.  
In the Rig Veda, the first hymn is in praise of Lord Agni. Lord Agni is a divine messenger.  
In Vedic literature, there are hymns in praise of different Lords which are called Mantras.  Who are these Gods?  They are the ones who give us material benefits in life such as wealth, prosperity, education, marital bliss, happiness etc. and also spiritual strength to get off the cycle of rebirth.
Lord Ganesha (elephant faced God) is always worshipped before starting any Pooja or Homa.  Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles. Lord Ganesha is also known as ‘Vigneshwara’ [vigna + Eswara] which means the lord who removes all obstructions (Vighna).
There are many mantras to propitiate Lord Ganesha.  By and large there are 56 different postures and mantras for Lord Vinayaka.  In Shilpa sastra, all the 56 positions are described elaborately.
The following Ganapathy Homas are performed generally by many even now.
•   • Ganapathy    Homa.
•   • Maha Ganapathy   Homa
•   • Vallabha    Ganapathy Homa
•   • Lakshmi    Ganapathy Homa.
•   • Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathy Homa (based on the system of Sri Vidya)
•   • Uchishta Ganapathy Homa  
•   • Sankata-hara Chathurthi Homa (performed in the evening of Krishna  Chathurthi Day – The thithi Chathurthi in the evening).
Ganapathy Homa should be performed in the early morning and Poornahuthi to be offered during sunrise, unless any other time is specifically mentioned to suit the particular purpose.
There are two ways of performing Homas, Vedic and Tantra.
In the Vedic way of Homa, all rituals are performed as per Vedic texts.  In tantra, sometimes “Vama prayog” is also done to safeguard the native from enemies and adversaries.  It also produces adverse effect on enemies Normally only Vedic way of Homas are performed.  
To perform Ganapathy Homa the   following materials are essential.  
Ghee, Modhaka (a kind of sweet prepared with coconut, gur and rice flour or wheat flour), durva (a kind of grass).

Mahaganapathy Homa is performed with Ashta Dravya (a mixture of eight materials) 1.Coconut, 2.Banana, 3.Honey, 4.Sugarcane, 5.Ghee, 6.Modhaka, 7.Jaggery, 8.Puffed rice.
In Sankatahara Chathurthi Homa, apart from ghee, we can use all varieties of flowers, fruits, sweets, etc., which may count upto 108 dravyas (materials) except tulsi leaf.  
Note: Tulsi leaf should not be offered to Ganapathy.
“Ganapathyatharvashirsha” is in praise of Lord Ganesha.  
(Please refer Shri Mahaganapathya Atharva seersham) This mantra is recited normally while performing Ganapathy Homa.   The benefits of the mantra’s are described in these last three mantras.  
By chanting these mantras, one can live peacefully, without any hindrance.  He who wants to become a good orator should do “Abhishekam’ to Lord Vinayaka with this mantra.  A man in need should perform Homa by durva (A kind of grass). A man seeking good memory and reputation should do Homa with puffed paddy.  He who desires prosperity should perform Homa with 1000 modakha.  He who performs Ganapathy Homa with ghee and samit (a kind of branch of tree) will get everything he desires.  During Solar eclipse if one recites these mantra in the bank of a holy river or in front of an idol of Ganapathy, the mantra will become “sidha” to him.  After that he will not face any hindrance and all his sins will be washed off.  All his desires will be fulfilled.  This is what of Veda and Upanishad say.
If any one is running Ketu dasa or bhukti or there is some dosha of Ketu in the horoscope, he can perform Ganapathy Homa and get-relief.
Ganapathy Homa should be performed on all auspicious occasions.  Performing Ganapathy Homa once every year will give prosperity, health and wealth.  Ganapathy Homa should be done on Shukla Chathurthi day of Bhadrapad i.e. the birth day of Lord Ganesha.

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