Dr Wayne Dyer, His Divorce, and Emotional Healing

Holistically there are a number of ways to address subconscious, emotional healing and I've experienced two over the past two years with limited success.
By: Gian Brill
Feb. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man who's made significant contributions to the world with his written metaphysical works, is subject to the valley of the shadow of death just as any other person on earth as we're all here learning lessons. What we must keep in mind is to never judge another person because our Master Jesus tells us, "Judge lest ye be judged". What this means is when we judge another person, we ultimately judge ourselves.

He is born under the sign of Pisces and all born under this sign of the zodiac experienced tremendous relationship challenges on all levels, including marriage, over the last 2.3 years. This is due to the planet Saturn transiting their 7th House of Relationships. Saturn teaches harsh lessons and if relationships are not sound, they are blown apart. Astrological transits play a huge role in our lives and teach us great lessons if we are open to them. Questions we must ask ourselves are, "Are marriages supposed to last forever?" "What is marriage?" "What are we to learn from it?"

What most of us fail to recognize within ourselves is the fragility of our emotions within our subconscious mind. The world is a mirror of the strife going on within ourselves and most of us aren't aware of this fact or choose to ignore it. These emotional traumas stem from our childhood memories and even past lives if you are open to that realm. Per Michael Jackson's song lyrics "The Man in the Mirror", only until you truly address what's going on within yourself can the mirror be changed. The conscious mind desires success, prosperity, and peace but the subconscious mind negates the conscious mind and is throwing out unreconciled, past emotional trauma patterns which is why we end up attracting the same type of people and situations over and over into our lives. What we must do is "get off the merry-go-round", question why this is happening, and acknowledge the problem is coming from within us and not "out there". When we purge our negative past emotional patterns the mirror changes and we are free to finally attract true prosperity and the emotionally available partner Creator/God desires for us! Emotional traumas that go unrecognized or unresolved eventually lead to bodily "dis-eases" such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, auto-immune diseases, etc.

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