SANYO to Launch a Wide XGA Ultra Short-Focus Projector: LP-WL2500

Screen Solutions Int. wants you to know about a new model projector for educators and business professionals offering longer maintenance-free use thanks to a long-life lamp and hybrid filter - Simple, Easy, Effective Projection Technology
Feb. 23, 2010 - PRLog -- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce the release of a new ultra short-focus projector model, LP-WL2500. The new model was created for educators and business professionals, and offers long periods of maintenance-free use, thanks to its hybrid filter and long-life lamp. The LP-WL2500 will be released in July 2010.

Sanyo LP-WL2500 Short Throw Video Projector

SANYO was the first in the industry to come out with an ultra short-focus projector that can project a large image from a short distance, thereby expanding the situations where projectors can be used. Last year, SANYO also released the LP-WXL46 projector with an ultra short-focus lens. When coupled with the SSI Accent Rear Projection Film you will never need to be concerned about a hot spot.
Now SANYO is launching the LP-WL2500 ultra short-focus projector, offering long periods of maintenance-free use, and featuring SANYO’s own hybrid filter and long-life lamp technology. The projector is more useful than ever thanks to a full-range of features, including a high-output 10-watt speaker.
This product will be displayed at Integrated Systems Europe 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 2 to 4, 2010.

Product - Projector
Product Number - LP-WL2500
Resolution - WXGA
MSRP (tax included) - 260,400 yen ($2900.00)
Sales Date - July 2010
Monthly Production - 5,000units
Main Features:
1. Equipped with an ultra short-focus lens for space saving

A large 80-inch image can be projected from a distance of only 86 cm (33.8 inches)
- The ultra short-focus lens enables projection of a large 80-inch image from a distance of only 86 cm (33.8 inches). This permits enjoyable large-screen presentations to be given in a shorter focal distance.
- In an educational setting, an instructor can show a presentation on the blackboard by simply setting up the projector on an instructor’s desk at the front of the classroom.
- In ceiling-mount situations, the projector can be installed closer to the screen to avoid light shining in the eyes of the presenter.
2. Hybrid filter and long-life lamp

Offering long periods of maintenance-free use, without the need for lamp replacement, and filter replacement only after approximately 4,000 hours
- Equipped with SANYO’s proprietary hybrid filter composed of multiple filter layers.
- The filter replacement cycle has been extended by a factor of 20 to approximately 4,000 hours*1 compared to our conventional model*2.
- The lamp lifespan has been improved by about 30% compared to our conventional model*2, and does not need to be replaced for approximately 4,000 hours*3, thereby greatly reducing the inconvenience of product maintenance. The longer lamp lifespan, also makes it more eco-friendly, with a smaller impact on the environment.
3. High-brightness projection of 2,500 lumens and high sound output with a 10-watt speaker

Enough brightness and sound volume for high-impact presentations even in larger conference rooms and classrooms
- With its 230-watt high-output lamp and newly developed optical engine, the Sanyo LP-WL2500 offers high-brightness projection of 2,500 lumens.
- Since light efficiency has been improved by about 10%*4 compared to our conventional model*2, the LP-WL2500 produces brighter and more beautiful images, while saving energy and reducing environmental impact.
- As the first SANYO projector with a high-output 10-watt speaker that produces clearer sound even in large spaces such as confernece rooms and classrooms, the Sanyo LP-WL2500 can be used for multimedia presentations without the need for any external speakers or extra equipment.
4. Other Features
- “Wired LAN terminal (RJ-45)” enables control and management of the projector over a network
- “Security Bar” greatly increases theft prevention
- “HDMI Terminal” for digital input
- “Top Access Lamp Replacement” offers added convenience in the case of inverted ceiling installation
- “Wide XGA” compatibility feature enables projection input from wide-screen devices and sources

[Environmental Considerations]
- Conforms with the EuP-Directive Lot 6*5, and the EU RoHS Directive*6
- The packaging contains pulp molds, which can be recycled as used paper
Outline and Background

The number of Wide XGA ultra portable projectors under 3,000 lumens shipped in the world market is expected to be approximately 230,000 units in 2009, 310,000 units in 2010, and 400,000 units in 2011 (according to company forecasts). Within this product segment, demand is growing in the short-focus projector market, especially for use in school classrooms and office conference spaces. There are increasing demands of users for good brightness, low maintenance, and a fuller range of functions.
In order to respond to this market trend, the new ultra short-focus LP-WL2500 projector is equipped with SANYO’s proprietary hybrid filter and long-life lamp, offering long periods of maintenance-free use. Since brightness has also been improved compared to our conventional model*2, the new projector produces large, highly visible images. With the addition of a high-output 10-watt speaker, the Sanyo LP-WL2500 also provides clear and dependable sound even in large rooms.

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General Applications:

General Applications:
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Quick Facts:

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