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There are scores of benefits to selecting an LED TV over a LCD TV. On a broader perspective, they are more environmentally friendly as there is no mercury used during its manufacturing process. Read on to know more about LED Television website
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Feb. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Even before we start to discuss LED TVs, it is fair that we should start with what exactly LED is and then get down to its nuances before buying LED TVs. A LED TV is simply an LCD TV except that it comes with a different type of backlighting. The screen of an LED TV remains the same; instead LEDs are made use of in place of Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) that you normally find in LCD TVs.

The LEDs are of two basic forms namely Dynamic RGB LEDs that are placed behind the panel, or white Edge-LEDs placed around the rim of the screen that makes use of a special diffusion panel to scatter the light uniformly behind the screen. The method of backlighting in RGB Dynamic LED TV allows dimming to happen locally producing specific dark areas on the screen. This is an indication that you could view truer blacks and has much greater dynamic contrast ratios.

The method of Edge-LED TV backlighting can allow for LED TVs to become very thin. The light is scattered across the screen through a special panel that can create a splendid range of uniform colours across the monitor. True LED TVs were used in the form of much bigger screens in places like sport stadia.

Though LEDs aren’t small enough to be made use of for individual pixels in domestic TVs, they have slowly started to make inroads into our living room. Some of the advantages of LED TVs over LCD TVs include:
• Improved contrast & brightness levels, with deeper blacks
• Edge-LED lighting enables the TV to be much thinner than a standard LCD TV
• The power consumption of LED TVs can be up to 40% lesser than a LCD TV of the same size
• They can offer a wide range of colours, particularly when RGB-LED backlighting is employed

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