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What do Brands like Barska, Bushnell, Bresser, Luger and Minox have in common? Find out how Monocular Reviews is fast gaining popularity as a premier website for checking out all the reviews of popular Monoculars that you can find in the UK.
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Feb. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Let’s begin with what a Monocular is as we find that it is a modified refracting telescope that we can make use of in magnifying the images of distant objects by passage of light via a series of lenses and occasionally prism. Monoculars are pretty easy to carry as their weight and volume are less than half compared to Binoculars having identical optical properties. Monoculars can produce 2-D images, while binoculars add some perception of depth (3 dimensional images).

A monocular that comes with a straight optical path is fairly long. Prisms can be made use of in folding the optical path and making an instrument which is pretty shorter.

In case you need to magnify a 2-D image of an object that s quite faraway, Monoculars can be used under the circumstances and when made use of in this capacity they are also known as Telescopes. Monoculars can come in handy for visually impaired people as they may use it to view distant objects which people with normal vision could view with no difficulty; For example, tasks that involve reading text on a projection screen or chalkboard. It could also be used widely in all applications that demand viewing distant objects including hunting, natural science or history, marine and other forms of military operations.

When you require viewing objects that demand high level of magnification, good resolution of faraway objects, good resolution level, you have to go for a slightly larger instrument that is often mounted on a Tripod. You can also find smaller pocket-sized monoculars for simple applications.

There are a host of websites in the UK that offers you reviews of monoculars, But we found a pretty sensible website that offers all the information that you have to know before buying a monocular including Magnification level, Prism Type, Size of Aperture, Construction, Exit pupil, Weight, Close focus, Lens coating, Availability of Rubber armouring & Waterproof/fog proof, Accessories, Guarantee and other additional features.

Another exciting facet of this website is that the compilation of all the necessary technical details and specifications to a high degree of accuracy. You can also find some of the best Selling & cheapest monoculars from leading brands available in the UK. Visit to see how you make the most use of the website before you buy a Monocular.

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