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You Know one of the hardest things to do for new pastors and even some existing ones is grow their congregations. I look in unbelief sometimes at the tactics and strategies that some pastors try and implement to grow their churches.
By: Earl Hall
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Feb. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- You Know one of the hardest things to do for new pastors and even some existing ones is grow their congregations.  I look in unbelief sometimes at the tactics and strategies that some pastors try and implement to grow their churches.


Now I can't be too surprised, I mean if you went to school you went for theology or religious studies, but NO one and I mean no one is teaching a real course on church growth and development that works.  Over the past 20 years that I have been in ministry one of the things that I see...and I am sure you see it to is that tons of churches launch every week all over the country, but sadly most are just gone by the end of that same year or just left struggling with a few members.

Now watch this I can probably tell you some of the things you have already done to try and build membership.  You paid too much money and ran some ads on a local radio station (that didn't work), or you put an ad in some sort of newspaper or magazine (and that didn't work), and oh yea some even send their member out door to door, just to be friendly and invite the neighbor hood.

Well did I come close to some of the things that you have tried?  Well needless to say if you have done those things among some other like putting fliers on cars at wal-mart then you know you really just need someone to tell you step by step the exact process you need to use to truly build that congregation that God told you you were going to have.

My name is Earl Hall and I was licensed to preach in Dec of 1990 and ordained in 2000.  Over the years I watched and probably like you, even struggled myself to try and find my purpose and mission in life.  Well back in 2005 I discovered this talent to utilize the internet and computer technology to accomplish things that many large organizations were paying tons of money for, but I new how to implement for free or for not much money.

You see in 1999 I started my first business and the in 2000 that business did over $200,000 worth of business (not bad at all for the first 12 months).  I continued on and learned that in many situations growing a church is just like growing a business.  You see a business has customers, while a church has members.  A business has to put a marketing message that resinates with the buyer.  A church has to preach a message that touches the heart of the congregation.

Most of the same rules apply, but what most churches do is feel that they have to wait until someone walks in the door to convince them to come.  Well, probably the most important message that I have to tell you about is that there are simply thousands of people that truly would love to be a part of what you are doing.  The only thing holding you back is this.

You see many pastors and church leaders focus solely on their own city, which is great, and you should be doing that, but there is a whole giant world out there of people that would gravitate to you and no one else.  Let's concentrate on your city first though.  Let me ask you this question, if someone moves into your city and wants to know the best church to go to they are going to ask friends and maybe family, but 9 times out of ten they will also do a search on Google.

Let me ask you this.  If someone did a search for your name, your church, your denomination, your mission,or your vision, would you even come up?

No right, well how can anyone find you in your city or in the world if you have no internet presence at all or worse a bad presence?

Well in just a few days, hours or minutes, depending on when you are watching this.  I am going to send you another video.  In that video I am going to explain how you can not only have a better internet presence, but also how you can have Christians world wide looking for exactly what you are talking about instead of you putting fliers on cars at wal-mart.

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