Does Size Really Matter? “Yes”, Say Parcel Delivery Experts Ready Parcels

Getting the dimensions of your parcel correct is paramount if you don’t want to incur excess charges when sending your parcel. The leading parcel delivery service, ReadyParcels, recommend you correctly size your parcel before sending it off.
Feb. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- The right way to measure the parcel is to measure the length, height and width. If it is not a standardised parcel shape, you should try to envisage what it would look like in a box and then measure accordingly, making sure to take into account any edges that might stick out.

When ReadyParcels’ UK courier services send parcels, they charge the following additional fees if you understate the size of the parcel:

If any one side of the parcel is more than 1.5m but less than 1.84m, or if the volume of the parcel (weight x height x length) is more than 0.23 cubic metres but less than 0.28 cubic metres, you will be charged £21.

If any one side is more than 1.84m but less than 2.6m, if the volume is greater than 0.28 cubic metres but less than 0.34 cubic metres or if it weighs more than 31.5kg but less than 50 kg, you will incur an additional expense of £65.

If any one side is more than 2.6m and less than 3m, if the volume is more than 0.34 cubic metres but less than 0.36 cubic metres or if it weighs more than 50kg but less than 100kg, you will be charged an extra £130.

If your parcel is travelling overseas with ReadyParcels’ International courier service, the greater of the two factors is used when pricing up the parcel; the weight in kilograms and the volumetric weight in kilograms. The volumetric weight can be found by multiplying the length, weight and height in centimetres, and then dividing by 4000.

Matthew Apps of Readyparcels said: “It is imperative you give us the correct dimensions and weight when placing your order with us so that we can give you an accurate quote to avoid any unexpected charges.

“DHL, which is one of the courier services we use, advises that even if an excess sized shipment is accidentally accepted by their agents and is transported, the package will travel to the final destination through their network and the customer will then be charged the appropriate Excess Size fees.”
About Ready Parcels
ReadyParcels brings you the services of world class courier companies like DHL at affordable rates - considerably cheaper than you can obtain directly. They make it easy for you to place an order in 4 simple steps:
- simply tell them the size of your parcel ,
- select your preferred service, courier and cost,
- tell them the delivery address,
- make a credit/debit card payment.
You do not even have to open a trading account with them.
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