How To Correct Astigmatism – What Is The Best Way To Correct Astigmatism ?

If you are diagnosed with astigmatism, you will be certainly faced with the question on how to correct astigmatism. Before deciding anything, you may want to know what are the treatments available relating to astigmatism.
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Feb. 16, 2010 - PRLog -- What is astigmatism ?

When the eyesight exhibits deviation of image due to the imperfections in the shape of the cornea or the lens, this irregularity is called astigmatism.

In the abnormal shape of the cornea, the light that comes into the cornea can not refract in the right way, this condition causes the retina receive a blurred image (corneal astigmatism).  In a condition where the shape of the eye lenses is imperfect, an imperfect image will be sent to the retina.

Symptoms of astigmatism that often found are blurred image or distorted object seen at short as well as long distance, light sensitivity, headache and eye stress.

How to examine astigmatism ?

Eye doctors or ophthalmologists will suggest on how to correct astigmatism soon after they discovered that you are diagnosed with astigmatism.  Astigmatism is detected after a thorough eye examination is achieved.  Generally ophthalmologist or optometrist will examine with the following methods :

Letters reading chart : it is visual test examining the eye view, if  the letters seen become smaller on each line, the optician may suspect that you have astigmatism.

Ophthalmometer : this is an instrument to check the image reflection of an image at the exterior of the cornea and other competence of the eye to measure the degree of astigmatism.

Astigmatic dial chart : most opticians examine your eye with a chart called astigmatic dial that shows a series of lines forming a semi-circle. If some of the lines are seen more clearly than the others, you are diagnosed with astigmatism.

Keratoscope : it is an ophthalmic instrument to examine the cornea in order to detect irregularities in its anterior surface.

How to correct astigmatism ?

Corrective lenses
Corrective lenses help to bend the coming light rays to correct the irregular refraction, in this condition the images will be received correctly by the retina.  One must be aware, that corrective lenses do not cure astigmatism.  It is often happen that people who wear glasses or contact lenses would need stronger prescription every year.

Laser surgery
Eye surgeries such as Lasik or PRK are performed to remove the cornea and make it to a correct shape, after the normal shape is formed, the cornea will be placed back into the eye.  It is normal that people who undergo eye surgery will feel pain and discomfort for a while and need a couple of week for the eye to recover and have to wait to stabilize the eyesight for about a month.  Eye surgery is relatively expensive and may leave scar tissue.  Scar tissue can cause less flexible comparing to normal tissue, leaving it difficult to adjust views at different circumstances.

Other options
After learning the above, now we come to a question :  how to correct astigmatism in a sensible way.  Is there any other choices to treat this irregularity ?  The answer is, there is an opportunity to correct astigmatism and have the flexibility of the eye capability. Through eye exercises and therapy you can relieve the rigidity in and around your eyes. By this manner, the lens, eye muscles and the rest components of your eyes will be able to create better clarity. By allowing the eyes to repair themselves is truly a preferable choice.

Eye exercises that are designed to correct astigmatism help to re-educate both the mind and vision of the habits of seeing clearly and naturally.  The program includes a series of eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles, train the eyes to focus at different distances as well as other therapy to relax and sooth the eyes to relief eye strain. A lot of information on how to correct astigmatism is available now, you can find them in vision heath books available at bookstores in your area.

Elizabeth Moller, owner of has the pleasure in announcing an innovative program to improve vision based on the Bates Method which has been developed by Prof. Duke Peterson, ophthalmologist and author of Vision Without Glasses.

This method includes a series of eye relaxation techniques which allow the eyes to reshape themselves back to their normal shape and correcting most of the vision impairment people commonly experience. Astigmatism correction using this method enable patients experience the results within just a few weeks, many putting their glasses away and never to wear them again.

For those who need more information on how to correct astigmatism may visit or may contact Ms Moller at :  She may also be reached by phone at 065 61006284 or by mail at 20 Maxwell Road, Maxwell House # 09-17 #, Singapore 069113.
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