Leading Research Company Lifemodeler, Inc. Releases Study Proving Effectiveness Of Shake Weight

Tests Show Device’s Dynamic Inertia™ Technology Produces Drastically Greater Results Over Conventional Exercise Methods in a Fraction of the Time
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Feb. 12, 2010 - PRLog -- San Clemente, CA (February 1, 2010)—LifeModeler, Inc., a world leader in biomechanics research and development of state-of-the-art human computer models that set scientific standard for organizations such as NASA and top medical device companies globally, announces the results of its study on the best-selling arm-sculpting device and pop culture phenomenon, the Shake Weight™.
Shake Weight™ – currently the number-one-selling fitness product in Target retailers nationwide and number-one As Seen on TV brand in Wal-Mart and UK’s Tesco since its infomercial launch in August 2009 – has achieved meteoric notoriety through viral YouTube buzz (over 3 million views to date), widespread blogosphere coverage, and mass media exposure on major shows including Ellen; The View; The Daily Show and UK’s top-rated Loose Women.

Most recently, Good Morning America featured Shake Weight™ as part of a best-selling fitness product round-up in which the show’s fitness expert gave the product a B+ because, according to her, “It really works triceps and delts… you get a burn.”  LifeModeler put the product to the test to see if the science behind the brand held up as a viable alternative to conventional exercises with free weights.

LifeModeler’s cutting-edge human modeling simulation showed that just 6 minutes of exercise with the Shake Weight™ consumes the same amount of muscle energy as 34 minutes of curls with traditional dumbbells weighing the same amount. Additionally, males consumed 36.5 calories per minute with the five pound Shake Weight™, while consuming 4.54 calories with a five pound dumbbell. Females consumed 18.3 calories with the two and a half pound Shake Weight™, compared to 2.27 calories with a two and a half pound dumbbell.

“Our studies are conclusive – the Shake Weight™ outperforms traditional dumbbells by an enormous margin when calculating consumption of muscle energy,” said Shawn McGuan, Founder/CEO of LifeModeler.  “Traditional dumbbells did not even come close to producing the results that the Shake Weight did in the same amount of time.  Based on our in-depth computer modeling of the exercises, the Shake Weight’s Dynamic Inertia technology has the opportunity to revolutionize the way people work out.”

“There’s a reason why major retailers the likes of Wal-Mart, Target and Tesco are having tremendous success with the Shake Weight – it’s because women everywhere are buying it, using it and, most importantly, getting results – as evidenced by LifeModeler’s study,” said Johann Verheem, CEO of JH Direct, the California-based direct response company that manages Shake Weight™ for Fitness IQ, the developers of the product.  “Having been in the direct-response consumer product industry for over 14 years, I’ve never seen a product go from an initial media test to a global brand in such a small period of time.”

“The Shake Weight infomercial may have caused a laugh or two, but the science speaks for itself,” Verheem added. “Women want to get rid of flabby arms and the Shake Weight delivers based on real science that conclusively proves the device is pound for pound more effective than traditional dumbbells in consuming muscle energy.”

Two additional, well-documented scientific studies involving the Shake Weight™ technology have been conducted by Dr. Daniel Cipriani, a Professor at the department of Exercise Physiology at San Diego State University.  The study used EMG-monitoring of muscle activity during use of the Shake Weight™ compared to similar size dumbbells, pushups and sit-ups, revealing that the  Shake Weight™ radically outperforms free weights due to the rapid motion of the exercise and isometric contraction of the entire upper body.  

About LifeModeler, Inc.  
From its earliest beginnings, LifeModeler has partnered with the world’s leading research institutions and commercial corporations to develop cutting-edge software tools and strategies that answer the most difficult questions facing designers, engineers, and researchers in a variety of industries. LifeModeler’s complete, state-of-the-art virtual human modeling and simulation solutions are revolutionizing the product development process across a wide range of industries and disciplines. Comprised of experienced, talented scientists, developers, and medical professionals, the LifeModeler team shares more than 250 years of combined experience in engineering and continuously strives to build applications that are comprehensive and fully functioned yet intuitive and easy-to-use.  From consumer products such as sports shoes and golf clubs, or the various devices used in physical rehabilitation, to critical, life-altering products such as artificial knees, LifeModeler is helping solve the most challenging problems in developing 'human-engaged' products.

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*** LifeModeler’s Shake Weight™ study results are available upon request.

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