Parenting Expert Says Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids

On 14 March, Be Happy in LIFE will run a rare parenting workshop in Brisbane, delivered by Ronit Baras, international parenting expert and author. The workshop teaches simple, practical skills any parent can use at home.
Feb. 11, 2010 - PRLog -- International parenting expert will deliver rare parenting workshop in Brisbane on 14 March.  The workshop introduces the parenting skills that make time with the kids easy and fun.

Almost every adult needs parenting skills, but they are not part of normal education.  Students learn Math, English, Science and later on a profession or trade, but there is very little out there about how to be a good parent.  What is available focuses mostly on getting kids to perform academically or to be disciplined and behave well.

Parenting expert Ronit Baras believes there are several secrets to good parenting every parent should learn.  These skills are simple to learn and very powerful, and they turn everyday parents into life coaches for their own children.

"Happy parents raise happy kids", Mrs Baras says, "Every parent who focuses on positives lives a happier life and their children benefit from that.  Every parent who knows about communication styles builds great relationships with people, including their own kids, and the kids grow up with a strong role model for good communication".

The workshop also teaches parents about love languages, helps them uncover and change their beliefs and shows them how to create rules and boundaries that will keep their children safe, while encouraging their development.

While most parenting classes focus on kids' discipline and behaviour problems, "Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids" suggests that parents can have an enjoyable, fun and positive family and can raise happy, healthy and successful kids by focusing on their own health and wellbeing first.

“This is a new and refreshing approach to education", says Karen Tomlinson from Mackay Youth Services after Mrs Baras ran the workshop for her clients, "Parents finished the day motivated, focused and inspired.  They did not expect a course that tells them to take care of themselves and they loved the idea".

Ronit Baras' unique approach to parenting comes from 24 years of experience in education, during which she has worked with many parents.  She says, "As soon as I got their parents positively engaged, my students have always done much better".

Upper Mt Gravatt State School Principal Derek Brady shares this view.  Supported by his school's Parents and Citizens and the local Lions Club, Mr Brady brought the Be Happy in LIFE parenting program to his school last year.  "It was a positive, thought provoking and inspiring course.  It touched many values a lot of courses neglect and has helped build a strong community at our school", he says.

"No matter how good their school is, kids are most influenced by their parents and by far the best way for parents to teach children about life is by leading the way and showing them how to be happy and do well", says Mrs Baras, "As soon as the parents learn these new skills, magic starts happening around them.  Things that used to be hard are now easy and their kids seem to change for the better on their own".

"Economic crisis, media overload and rising stress levels make parenting today more challenging than ever", says Mrs Baras, "The need for a good parenting program is extremely high.  Since we started running parenting programs, we have had endless requests from individuals to join the workshop.  We are very happy to finally offer this workshop to the public".

Ronit Baras is an experienced motivational speaker who publishes a popular blog, called "Family Matters", with over 500 articles on family relationships, parenting and education.  She has also published books with inspiring stories for adults and teenagers.

The first full day workshop will be on Sunday, 14 March 2010, at Southern Cross Sports Club on Klumpp Road, Upper Mt Gravatt and promises to make another group of parents happy for the sake of their kids.

More information and online bookings are available at

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