Sorensons Ranch School football was established to help change the world one child at a time

Sorenson's Ranch School is a residential treatment facility for troubled teens. Most of the boys come to Sorenson's Ranch School with feelings of depression, failure, lack of self-worth, and addictions.
By: Vad Mineev
Feb. 11, 2010 - PRLog -- Tevita Vakautakakala, Sorenson's Head football coach, believes in his team philosophy which is: Together Everyone Achieves More. He believes in a hard working team and believes that what these boys learn here will not only help them while they are here, but also when they go back home.
Sorenson’s Ranch Football was started in a quest to help achieve teamwork and self-reliance. Sorenson’s looked towards not only academically helping the teens, but also using sports to teach the boys how to work with others. Sorenson’s Ranch Director, Shane Sorenson, along with Tevita, believe that coaching these young boys to work together as a team and putting forth all their effort is going to teach them responsibility and teach them how to work with others.
The Sorenson’s Ranch Mustangs not only work hard together on the field but also off the field. They spend many hours doing service projects around the school and if ever anybody needs any help, they know they can call Tevita and his Mustangs will be there to help.  The Mustangs look forward to hay season. They are the first ones that are called to go on hay hauls and work hard as a team to see how much hay they can get off the fields.
The Mustangs start their season by starting to lift weights in the morning. They get up at 6:00 am and lift weights for an hour. Then they get together after school and go running as a team. Then they go back after dinner and practice for a couple of hours. They end their practices with a group talk and start all over the next day.
The Mustangs are fortunate to be able to travel throughout Utah and Nevada. They are encouraged to display the utmost respect for the other teams that they play against. As of now there have not been any problems with the other teams as far as fighting or disrespecting. Our boys are taught to hold their heads high win or loose when walking off the football field. After each game the boys and coaches get together to go over their game and give suggestions for what they could have done differently and also go over what they improved on.
Mustangs football teaches the boys to learn to trust. The program works well with the therapy that the boys are receiving from Sorenson’s Ranch School. It teaches the boys that they are a part of something. The choices that they are making during football season not only affect them as a person but as a team. If one boy makes a wrong decision, it will affect the team and how they play. This helps the boys to learn to be responsible and trust worthy. Being a part of the Mustangs football team teaches responsibility and dedication. Once the boys are committed to the team, they are expected to stay committed to the team. It teaches them leadership and teamwork. Just as in life, every decision the boys make on or off the field will not only affect themselves, but also the people around them. Most of the boys that arrived at Sorenson’s Ranch School are here because of the poor choices they made at home. They were not thinking about their families or others that loved and cared about them. Now that they are here, we are trying to teach them that the choices they make will in fact affect others around them. Having them be a part of the Mustangs football team helps teach them that important fact.
Troubled teens that are at Sorenson’s Ranch School are looking for hope. They are looking to fit in and be a part of something in a positive way. Most of them are tired of making wrong decisions, but do not know where to start to change. They do not want to focus on the negative things that happen in life. They want to look to the future and hope for positive things to come their way. Being a part of Sorenson’s Ranch Mustangs football team gives them hope. It gives them the self-discipline they are looking for. It shows them that they can be a part of something positive and do not need the negative things that life has to offer. It gives them the ability to think clearly and focus on what they want for their future. It teaches them that dedication and hard work makes a successful team and a successful person off the field. It teaches them that “Together Everyone Achieves More.”'s%20R...

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