BrainSavvy-Classroom Edition Game Works to Alleviate to Eliminate Bullying by Building Tolerance

Is a simple educational tool that helps alleviate the critical problems of bullying and intolerance of others in the classroom, while meeting state and national accademic standards...and it makes learning fun.
By: Maribeth Davis
Feb. 10, 2010 - PRLog -- BrainSavvy-Classroom Edition motivates even bored, apathetic students to study, while promoting citizenship skills by developing cooperation and tolerance.

Bullying and gang activity, as well as non-inclusive cliques are a profound problem in our schools, increasing stress and division. Bullying and exclusion by other students are cited for being the top reason why students become gun-wielding killers.

Metal detectors and security may deter such violent behavior, but “I’m better than you” meanness continues to be a problem in our schools.
Students crave to fit in and be accepted by their peers; but often ‘fitting in’ leads to negative behavior.

Children need positive opportunities to excel and learn. The classroom needs to change from stress producers to a place where learning is fun.

BrainSavvy takes that philosophy to heart.  Playing BrainSavvy uses positive peer pressure to maximize learning, by building team camaraderie and team allegiance through the simple competition of a game.

Diverse team members, chosen at random with sorting chips, need to work (play) together in order to win; which is a lot like the real world.

Teachers provide the questions or allow the students to write questions over whatever material being taught. Players learn to be prepared, just in case their chip is drawn to answer a question for the team.

According to Donna Goodman 4th grade teacher from Moore, Oklahoma, “My students absolutely love the friendly competition. It keeps them on their toes. The affect on classroom behavior has been positive.”

There are many ways to play BrainSavvy. Teachers adjust it to best suit their teaching style with the individual students and the subject being taught. BrainSavvy offers teachers a great deal of flexibility and opportunities to be creative.

Teachers can allow students to move their "brains" forward for making the right choices in difficult situations or for “doing the right thing” , as well as for having the correct answer.

BrainSavvy is SMART BoardTM  Certified. Teachers can download the BrainSavvy template at no cost if their classroom has a SMART Board.  SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses Microsoft technology.

BrainSavvy is also available as an inexpensive boardgame that costs less than $30 and is just as effective as playing on SMART Board. The BrainSavvy method works with almost any classroom, no matter the age, class size, or subject. All curricula can be studied using BrainSavvy.

BrainSavvy is not a consumable product; therefore, it is an economically friendly way for schools to use their financial resources.  One boardgame works for the whole class for the entire year and because it is erasable and made of a pliable and magnetic material, it will likely last for many different classes for years. It rolls up and goes into a protective tube for storage when not in use.

BrainSavvy not only makes good use of school resources, it saves natural resources, too. Students read and study from their books, but do not need paper or pencils to answer questions with BrainSavvy.  For example, every kid could have their own small dry erase board and hold up the answer at the count of three. Everyone who gets the right answer gets to move his or her teams brain forward.

For more information about BrainSavvy, go to http// There you will find complete game information, testimonies from teachers and suggestions for playing BrainSavvy.

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Our mission is to legitimize play as an effective method for learning.
BrainSavvy Game Company encourages creative thinking through learning styles that equip and motivate individuals to come up with solutions for tomorrow.
BrainSavvy Game Company makes learning fun, is economical,
builds citizenship skills and promotes academic excellence.

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