My Pants Fell off, Hair Was a Mess & My Purse fell in the water! Digi CEO Pitches Kevin Harrington

CEO Sherri Morris of Digi Time Capsule, LLC was invited as a finalist to pitch Shark Tank's Shark Kevin Harrington at a Professional Athlete's Business Summit in Hollywood Florida on February 1, 2010 and gives her account of the journey!
Digi CEO Sherri Morris with Kevin Harrington
Digi CEO Sherri Morris with Kevin Harrington
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Feb. 10, 2010 - PRLog -- Digi Time Capsule CEO, Sherri Morris was selected as a top 20 finalist to Pitch her products, the My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule and the My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule to Shark Tank’s Shark, Kevin Harrington at the Professional Athletes Business Summit held at Trump Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida.  Well the results are in, but first, we want to take you on the entire journey leading up to the pitch. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it!

Morris, a born and raised Chicago Girl, snow is a staple and fact of life.  Now residing in Chapel Hill, NC, she quickly discovers they do not share the same sentiment when snow falls. The state is just not prepared to handle the load and the state literally shuts down!  On Saturday, before her scheduled Sunday morning flight, RDU shut down the airport…no flights in and no flights out.  Morris was freaking out. Was she going to miss this once in a life time entrepreneur’s dream opportunity?  Thankfully, they opened the airport on Sunday in time for her flight, although it was delayed causing her to miss the connecting flight in Charlotte.  She was put on the next available flight and after a 3 hour delay, finally arrived in Orlando, Florida, where she was meeting her Sister-in-law.  She spent the night in Orlando and proceeded to drive the 4 hour drive to Hollywood the next morning.  That 4 hour ride turned into 5 because of the awful rain Florida was undergoing.  Morris made it by the skin of her teeth.  Checking into her hotel at 4:30 p.m., Morris had 45 minutes to get ready and arrive at Trump Hollywood.  Morris describes her stress and anxiety as through the roof.

Morris says "I was so nervous my hands were shaking while I was trying to apply my makeup.  Great, so now I was going to look like a freak  with bad makeup and frizzy hair.  Oh Yes…My hair was a fright.  It was raining the entire time in Florida, coupled with Florida humidity, left me with a God awful hairdo.  If I can’t be Hollywood skinny, then I can at least have good hair!  So far everything was less than ideal circumstances for the pitch of a lifetime.  But at this point, I was happy I made it on time."

Morris walked into Trump Hollywood and with a giant breath of relief checked in and proceeded over to the inviting seating area where she could sit for a minute & calm the nerves.

Being as elegant and refined as Trump venues are, Morris put her purse on what she thought was a table only to hear “splash”.  It was not a table, but an infinity water fixture that looked like a table.  So now, her purse and its contents were soaked.

Morris said "Oh my God, luck is not on my side at this point, but all I could do was laugh!  I had a glass of wine and sat and chatted with another finalist.  I was finally calm and having some fun!"

While walking around Trump Hollywood, Morris saw Kevin Harrington enter. Morris introduced herself saying "He was extremely receptive and very nice.  He asked me a few questions about my product, so thankfully, I was able to talk a bit about it in a one-on-one situation before my nerves struck again when I had to pitch the 3 sharks."

Now to the pitch.

The event coordinators gathered all the finalists into the “Shark Holding Tank”, which was a theatre in Trump’s Library.  They gave some last minute advice, gathered everyone’s business cards and pulled to see the order in which we would pitch.  Many of the finalists were very quiet, going over their notes and outlines while trying to calm their nerves.  However, Morris and another finalist talked, laughed and tried to lighten the tension in the room.  

So, now it’s Morris' turn… She jumped out of her seat and low and behold, her pants fell down!

Morris says of the incident and the pitch “Yes, “Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground…Looking like a fool with my pants on the ground!”  Thank God I was wearing a suit jacket that covered my booty and that no one was standing behind me.  Why did my pants fall down?  Well, I lost a bit of weight and was wearing Spankx…A combination for “Pants on the Ground”. So I pull em up and run out there, only to get nicely yelled at for not being ready.  Well I couldn’t tell the guy that my pants fell off!  Attacked by the sound guy, he hooked a mic on my jacket, slipped something else in my pocket and off I went.  Lights were beaming on me, TV Cameras were filming and the Paparazzi were snapping pictures.  A pretty distracting stage one would say, but it didn’t bother me at all.  So I pitched my heart out.  At times, I could feel my voice shaking and I just looked at each judge to see they were all smiling and playing with the products that I had given them.  I did a pretty good job.  I am certain I left out a few important things like how many distributors I have, the Patent Pending status as well as the registered trademark.  All pretty important things I should have never left out.  After my pitch, there was a 2 minute Q&A with the sharks. Kevin asked some clarifying questions about what the product did, another judge asked about a version for Mac users.  All questions that I was able to answer quickly and to the shark’s satisfaction.  After I was done, I became myself again and in my elated stooper, thanked them all, telling them how cool this opportunity was. You could not knock the smile off of my face if you tried.  It was such an amazing experience and I am thankful to have been a part of it."

Morris explains the remainder of the event "There were 2 more finalists that had to go after me and they informed us that Kevin would not be making a decision that evening, so after my pitch, I left Trumps library and headed over to the reception area for a nice glass of wine to celebrate that I had done it and it was over.  I just hoped that I had done well enough to win the infomercial.  About 20 minutes later, I am told that they are looking for me in the library.  I proceed back to the library where a few onlookers were playing with my products and had questions for me.  One woman in particular wanted to buy the ones I had on hand. However, those were for the judges.  Then one of the judges came up to me because someone had taken her products. It was a frenzy.   At that point, I turned to see Kevin giving an announcement to the cameras, declaring the winner and that’s how I found out that I did not win. Completely caught off guard to see the unexpected announcement, I was a little bummed for a second or two, but then high-fived another finalist and kept on talking to the woman who was playing with my products.  Although I didn’t win, it didn’t mean that they didn’t like my product or that it wouldn’t be a crazy huge success, it just meant that another finalist was more suitable for Kevin’s infomercial.  So who did win? The finalist that won had a medical insurance company that allows your medical history to be accessed by your health care provider and pharmacist. Pretty cool concept and one that I use here at the UNC Hospitals.

It’s Not Over Yet! I Did Win! Right after Kevin had finished his interview with the press, he came up to me with his assistant, who was also the nicest guy ever, and said “We are putting you on HSN…The Home Shopping Network.”

I was so shocked, that I don’t know if I even responded.  This was awesome, amazing and unbelievable.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was going to HSN and getting to work with Kevin Harrington!  I am so psyched and cannot wait to make it happen.  I will keep you all posted and let you know when I will be on!

I hope you all enjoyed my crazy journey to Hollywood!"

Following a blog post about the event, we found what some Twitter users had to say:

@Jim_Montgomery "if your pants fell down on Oprah you'd make the news worldwide - would be memorable indeed :)"
@SchereLLC  "Movie material there's a sitcom in that story"
@Mamasonbedrest "Girl, you are too funny! If I didn’t know you better I would have said that you made this all up! But I know it’s classic Sherri."

# # #

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