Globalinx® Introduces (new Emerging Technology)wireless, Portable, Touch Screen Videophone!

The GLOBALINX® CU-3000 VideoPhone has arrived and we’re proud to introduce you a Wireless VideoPhone that is unlike any other you’ve ever seen before.
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Globalinx CU-3000 Wireless Video Phone
Globalinx CU-3000 Wireless Video Phone
Feb. 7, 2010 - PRLog -- Globalinx is setting the decade off with a bang! The CU 3000 is Globalinx's new wireless video phone, which was released January 15, 2010. The way people around the world communicates is going to be revolutionized by this new emerging technology. It is only natural that technology evolves.Writing and sending letters was the first means of communication. Communication changed in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell with the invention of the telephone. The telephone allowed communication to journey across many miles and every ocean. Nearly 100 years later the mobile phone was created. The ability to be reached and communicate on the go was made possible with the mobile phone.

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The GLOBALINX® CU-3000 VideoPhone has arrived and we’re proud to introduce you a Wireless VideoPhone that is unlike any other you’ve ever seen before. This all-new lightweight, fully portable VideoPhone comes complete with internal rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi accessibility and touch screen operation. All for the low price of just $249.95*! The CU-3000 features a 7” LCD screen that operates with the touch of a finger. The phone connects easily to a Wi-Fi network without cords or wires. It offers three-way video conferencing so users can see and hear up to three parties for added convenience. Imagine the personal and professional uses around town and around the globe! The included docking station adds functionality with a standard phone jack for connecting to an analog phone. It also features audio and video outputs to connect to a TV and a handheld remote control for added convenience. The CU-3000 includes a built-in low-light camera, built-in photo frame and a visual ringer with strobe light notification.

Globalinx's new tech gadget is at the forefront of the shift in telecommunications. Globalinx is setting the precedence for the decade with the release of the CU 3000, its first wireless videophone. Mobile technology has been given a whole new meaning because of this wireless video phone. Skype can't compare to the live video conferencing capabilities of this video phone. Not to mention skype requires a computer  and this wireless video phone is smaller than a laptop.

Features of the CU 3000:
- wifi capability
- speaker phone
- touchscreen capability
- 7' LCD screen
- 3-way live video conferencing AND MORE!

This wireless video phone keeps college students from being home sick because they can have their family where they are. If multiparty video conferencing is need between business associates this is a great video conferencing solution. Athletes who travel a lot or play a sport overseas can keep in touch with family and friends. Or if you like cool new gadgets this phone is a must.

Soon video phones will be the only way people communicate. It doesn't make sense to have the ability to see the people you talk to and only have audio conversation. To make things better you can surf the web with the web browser included.This is the best video phone on the market. The only question is how long is it going to take for you to get one? The calling plan comes with unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and more and unlimited landline calls to 75 calling areas around the world. Not to mention it is free to call other Globalinx customers. Voicemake, call forwarding, caller ID and many other calling features are also included. An additional bonus is that Globalinx has very low international rates as well.

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