FXCM The Biggest Forex Broker In The World Reveals- Why Brokers Hate Forex Scalping Strategies?

Do you Scalp? Hear what FXCM has to say to you!
Feb. 7, 2010 - PRLog -- I've been following everything the FRCW has been doing like a housewife does a soap opera. One thing is for sure, no fly-by-night robot peddler is going to scam any of us anytime soon. From here on out, it's the real deal or NO DEAL. Who else but the Forex Robot World Cup could have Boston Technologies and FXCM, yeah, that's right, F-X-C-M as their sponsor. To top everything, they've just INTERVIEWED FXCM and it's available right now for a very short time!


Here's some of what they discussed with the BIGGEST broker in the world today (FXCM is currently home to over 150,000 live trading accounts)

- Hear from FXCM DIRECTLY on what they think about the FRWC and why they're sponsoring this milestone event in FX!

- FXCM's take on the complete and utter transparency of having live bots with public 15 min updates for 2 whole months - you want proof - this is it!

- There are more differences between live trading  and back-testing / demo trading than you think.
- Liquidity - This shocked me - it's something you'll only hear in this interview - you won't look at trading the same after this!

- Why does the FX industry NEED the FRWC? - find  out!

- FXCM on MT4 - hear it from the horse's mouth

- No restrictions, no dealing desk execution... how will this impact us? (Essential!)

- Boston Tech and FXCM - partners - hear why this is a HUGE plus for traders.

- Do you Scalp? Hear what FXCM has to say to you!

There's tons more but I don't want to spoil it for you - it's one of the best  interviews I've heard in years! To be quite honest, if you're not paying attention to what the FRWC is  doing you might as well be obsolete. Every-one I speak to has been talking my ears off about them and for good reason! It's been a long while coming and I say it's high time somebody decided to shake up this business good and proper. This exclusive content is going to disappear soon so please hurry and don't be left out.


Some of the things I heard in this interview made me rethink everything I thought I knew about trading! These FRCW boys have been steamrolling through this industry like a Semi with a busted brake line! It's really been making me re-think everything that I thought I knew about forex. Who else could get a sponsor like FXCM (they currently have over 150,000 live accounts and are officially the largest broker in the world!) and on top of that, conduct a "no holds barred" interview!?

I don't listen to interviews often, it's always the same old stuff, but if you've been following the Forex Robot World Cup, and I'm sure you have, because let's face it... who hasn't?! - I know you're going to want to hear this! Here's a rundown of what's in store:

- Find out why FXCM is sponsoring the first Robot competition ever!

- The Biggest Broker on the Planet shares their thoughts on the FRWC

- Transparency and why FXCM is loving every second of it!

- Something you didn't know about liquidity - very important!

- FRWC's live accounts with 15min updates - hear what FXCM has to say

- The big difference with live trading and back-testing / demo trading?

- There are already robots out there - so why do YOU need the FRWC?

- The nuts and bolts behind MT4

- No restrictions, "no dealing desk" execution (IMPORTANT!) - Implications for all traders!

- FXCM talks about their partnership with Boston Tech - why this is a massive bonus for you!

- What does FXCM have to say about scalping strategies? (You’ll want to hear this)

This is a very exciting time to be a part of the forex industry. FRWC is challenging preconceptions and rattling cages. Trading is about to change forever! This interview made me look at things a whole lot differently. One thing is certain, my trading won't ever feel the same again.


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Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies!

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