The Bible Vs The Law of Attraction Book

I believe that was Jesus's message all along. However, it took more up to date insights and interpretations than the Bible to raise our consciousness to clarity.
Feb. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- It Takes Guts to Compare the Bible with Any Other Book

When I was a young boy growing up as a Catholic, I wanted to be a priest. That lasted until I was around age 15. You might say I had a resurrection in my consciousness. (more on that in a bit)

I became an altar boy at the age of eight. I felt privileged to be able to ply our church priests with my many questions about spirituality. Concepts such as the Law of Attraction weren't popular back in the early '60s. Heck, they were still using Latin during the Mass during my first few years as an altar boy! (Yes, I know... I'm old!)

The priests however, never could answer my deepest questions to my personal satisfaction. I'm sure I wore them down with my persistent interrogatives as much as they frustrated me with their pat answer, "You just have to take it on faith."

Where Was the Law of Attraction Book When I Needed It?

Even from a very early age, I felt something wasn't quite right with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I tried to read the Bible regularly, but it was sssoooo boring! (come on, admit it - you feel that way too, right?) It definitely doesn't read like today's insightful and interpretive books such as Conversations With God and the writings of Abraham Hicks. I asked the priest, "How can anyone read and understand this stuff?"

Again, they only muttered something incomprehensible about having 'faith'.

The Old Testament for the most part painted a picture of an angry, vengeful God.

"Is God really like this," I asked.

"Well... um, no... not really," said the priests.

"Then why..."

Well, you can imagine the string of questions I had. I was relentless in my search for the truth and I felt my priests were letting me down.

The Law of Attraction Book Finally Answered My Questions

Fast forward to today, 47 years from that altar boy experience.

Nowadays I read the Bible on a regular basis. While it isn't as clear and as fun as reading about the Law of Attraction, I do get more value out of it these days. Perhaps that's because I also have quite a collection of supplementary books that give me deeper insights and interpretations into the Bible. I'm happy to say that at this point in my life, most of my deepest questions about spirituality have been answered to my satisfaction.

One quote in particular is very true for me, "Seek and you shall find." I've spent most of my life searching for inner truth and peace. Nowhere have I found it more clearly and succinctly put than in the Law of Attraction book.

   * Where the Bible talks about good vs. evil, Law of Attraction talks about contrasts.
   * Where the Bible talks about punishment and eternal damnation, Law of Attraction talks about consequences.
   * Where the Bible commands we must do the 'Will of the Father', Law of Attraction says we have choices.

Because the Bible is written in an older style, it is vulnerable to various interpretations. As it is right now, whenever I read the Bible I see more and more contradictions.

The Secret, Conversations With God, the writings of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, on the other hand are written in today's language. They say exactly what they mean and they mean exactly what they say with very little room for misunderstanding.

Law of Attraction and the Second Coming of Christ

Here's where we revisit the word 'resurrection'. The Bible does promise that Christ will return again sometime early in the new millennium. When I think about books like the Law of Attraction, The Secret, Conversations With God and many others like them that are flooding the market these days, there's no doubt in my mind that the Christ consciousness has indeed come again.

People today are more awake. They are more aware and willing to take on their own 'cross' of personal responsibility. I believe that was Jesus's message all along. However, it took more up to date insights and interpretations than the Bible to raise our consciousness to clarity.

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