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Strip that Fat is a comprehensive dieting program that guides dieters not only to muster enough will power but also to effectively lose weight by practicing proper eating habits.
By: Strip That Fat
Jan. 30, 2010 - PRLog -- Strip that Fat is a comprehensive dieting program that guides dieters not only to muster enough will power but also to effectively lose weight by practicing proper eating habits. Providing its readers with the healthiest and most effective methods in the market today, Strip That Fat has a full program that allows you to check your own progress in calorie counting, and ultimately the switch into a healthier lifestyle.

Strip That Fat is a very user friendly weight loss product. It is just right for the person who wants to lose fat without going into too much detail about weight loss. It gives a crash course in basic nutrition and exercise science. The diet does not focus on low fat or low carb foods. Strip That Fat lets the user eat healthy without starving him/her.

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The program comes in 2 components:

1. An e-book, called Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide, that is a complete diet program with the aim of teaching the user the basics of how to eat right and exercise. The book is written in a conversational way that is easy to read. It starts off by going over the reasons why many diets fail and then shows how following a step-by-step plan works better.

The majority of the book consists of 15 chapters on topics such as: healthy tips for eating out, why small meals are better than big meals, the importance of breakfast when losing weight etc. Also, the e-book has a section on how to exercise right, with topics like: why your legs are an important muscle group when losing weight, why lower intensity workouts lead to more weight loss and more.

2. The web-based diet generator STF Diet Generator that creates specific meal plans. This software is a nice addition for the people who can never decide what to eat when making meal plans; the program will do the work for them. The generator makes sure that they always get the needed and healthy portions for the day.

The software is actually a very basic but effective program. What makes it special, is that it can create a menu from 40,000 different diet combinations and gives the user the possibility to eat only what he/she likes (it works for vegetarians too). The program also gives instructions on how to prepare meals and offers a list of acceptable condiments.

Another feature is the possibility to create printable shopping lists and therefore make the shopping a bit easier.

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What does this product focus on? How will it benefit you?

It’s no secret that when someone wants to lose weight, they should eat more than 3 times per day and this is exactly what Strip That Fat stresses. When following this diet system, you have to eat 5 times per day. Of course, these five meals are only big enough to keep you feeling full and the metabolism active.

Also, you do not have to eat the same meals every day, this way you stay motivated longer and the diet won’t become tedious. It suggests you (the generator) only healthy foods, tells you when to eat them and even explains why it is important to eat fat. The diet system is designed so you don’t starve yourself, but still burn more calories than you consume.

Strip That Fat makes it your goal to get to a healthy eating routine – you eat healthy, lose weight and learn to keep it off. Through healthy eating habits and light exercise routine, you will lose the surplus weight and learn to “trick” your body into being full.

Strip That Fat is recognized as an emerging diet plan that many are beginning to pay attention to. Whereas many diets will require that you remain on a strict regimen, or only eat expensive meals that they send you, Strip That Fat consists of a diet that is easier to maintain, and has plenty of recipes that fall within its guidelines.

The Strip That Fat guide also seeks to dispel many common myths of dieting, aiming for a fat loss program that will create results, instead of simply depriving the dieter. Instead of focusing on methods that will only make the dieter miserable, Strip That Fat claims to be focused on a sustainable method that will achieve long lasting results.

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