Haiti, an Example of Man's Humanity to Man

Haiti has never recieved so much of the world's attention in all it's history. Unfolding before our eyes is an expression of man's concern for the welfare of his fellowman.
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Jan. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- Watching the sunrise is as exilarating as seeing the sunset.  The universe only confounds us more as we inhale all the beauty that surrounds us.  The icy polar regions, deserts, oceans, mountains and rivers are all beautifull.  Beneath our feet are trillions of microorganisims that make the soil fertile for growing other forms of life and beauty.  From space the earth appears as a gemstone, yet, history confirms a pattern of man's inhumanity to man which continues today, as published in our newspapers.  So much beauty, and so much ugliness.  The United Nations organization is designed to pursue peace and the betterment of humans on a world scale, has done little to change man's desire to harm himself.  Wealthy nations have an abundance, and poor nations donot have the foodstuffs, clean water, and medicines for their own citizens.  Our earth has become a world of the "haves" and the "have nots" as poor nations reside next to wealthy nations.

Prior to the earthquake in Haiti, Haiti was just another impovershed nation deprived of the bounty of food that the world produces.  Many people never knew where it was or what it was.  Perhaps it was a new dance step, or a city?   Fortunately for Haiti, a country in the Caribbean, the world now knows where it is, what has happened there, and the suffering of it's inhabitants.  The earthquake was one of the largest ever recorded, in the most densely populated of areas.  Devastation and the complete destruction of most of Port-Au-Prince has motivated a world effort of nations to equip and aid with personnel, rescue workers, hospitals, foodstuffs, tent cities and  heavy equipment to save those trapped under rubble.  Afterwards, the job will be to rebuild buildings, infrastructure, water systems and roads.  The surviving inhabitants of Haiti will require counselling to continue a life that has been altered by this disaster.  The job of returning to normal has just begun, and will take years or even lifetimes to complete.

History boldly informs us of man's inhumanity to man, but moments as these taking place in Haiti, demonstrate how our world can quickly come together to aid a nation in dire need.  Differing politics, religions, and the bickering of democracies are pushed aside to achieve the desired result of helping one's fellowman in a distant part of the earth.  Can there be any other greater moment than what we are now witnessing in front of our televisions?   The swiftness of mobilization for aid demonstrates how nations can indeed work together when necessary.  Complex problems within our world have taken a back seat, at least for a time, until Haiti has experienced the greatness of good.  It's a strange scenario to witness one of mankind's finest moments in the worst of disasters.  Perhaps Haiti will remain a lesson in how the greater good is accomplished by the many, all working to achieve the same goal.  History can now record man's ability to conquer huge obstackles, such as distance, oceans, racial barriers, volunteers, funding, and the sheer will of outstanding people who have placed themselves in harms way.   Haiti is recieving aid, and it's a world wide event captured by hundreds of reporters on the scene.  It is a moment in time to remember.

As with any disaster of this magnitude, there is looting and robbery committed by people in need.  At this moment, law and order is non-exsistent in most of the country, and this will be the new challenge for Haiti's rescuer's, along with any law enforcement officers found.  These acts of lawlessness were expected, and action has been taken to address the problem.  Soon, all Haitian's will have the necessities of life, so the need to steal will diminish.

Our earth is truely beautifull, from space it looks stunningly perfect.  Haiti, a speck on this planet, has never recieved so much world attention in all it's history.  Those who never knew where it was, or what it was, now know.  Man's inhumanity to man is well documented in history books, but it's the moments we are witnessing now in Haiti, we will remember the most.   Man has the capability to join together, and turn the tide of bad events around.  We know how to quickly mobilize an army of volunteers to save a dying nation from certain death.  The very best of human qualities are unfolding before our eyes right now.  In some ways, I wish I was there.

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