Rhinoplasty in India with Refreshing holidays at Goa

Medical tourism in India offer Rhinoplasty in Goa combined with a first class holiday for what you would expect to pay only for the surgery back at home
Indian Overseas Healthcare
Indian Overseas Healthcare
Jan. 23, 2010 - PRLog -- Medical tourism in India offer Rhinoplasty in Goa combined with a first class holiday for what you would expect to pay only for the surgery back at home. With high success rate of cosmetic surgery and better sunshine and weather has made people across the globe to come to India for getting medical care, not to forget the cost benefits and quality at par with international standards. Rhinoplasty in Goa India is done based upon dependable international standards that are comprehensively applied by surgeons and doctors, all of whom been formally trained in the UK or USA.  Medical tourism in India aims to be the world leader in organized international cosmetic surgery holidays at Goa and have invested considerable time and money in ensuring that you receive nothing other than the best, most affordable quality surgical care possible, in the most relaxing environments, where you are fully looked after by our professional staff.

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose job is a surgical procedure used to sculpt the nose to improve its original shape and size. It is an elective surgery used to modify nasal tip, to reduce the dorsal hump, to narrow nostrils, to reduce the width of the nose and to make other such nasal corrections. Each face has its own proportions, volumes, angles and outlines and Rhinoplasty can only tweak the features of one's face to make one's appearance better. The procedure is generally done on an outpatient basis and takes around two hours for the procedure to be completed. Since incisions are made inside the nose, only light scars are left after surgery which will fade in about two weeks time. The patient will not experience severe pain after surgery and even that will be compensated through medications

Rhinoplasty calls for the skill of the plastic surgeon. India has got both technology and skilled doctors who have successfully performed Rhinoplasty in India at a cost which is less than half when compared with western countries.  Rhinoplasty in Goa India is provided at some of the leading organizations in the world providing high quality cosmetic surgery by qualified and experienced American and British board certified surgeons working in state of the art facilities. The surgery is combined with a luxurious stay in a beautiful resort environment of Goa- the perfect place to fully relax, recover and recuperate body and mind before returning home. Beautiful Goa India has a reputation that precedes itself as far as medical tourism is cornered.  With skillful surgeons, rock-bottom prices, and up-to-date technology, India is an easy favorite for many medical tourism travelers; especially those looking for beautifying procedures. To  get more info on Rhinoplasty in Goa India visit us at http://www.indianoverseashealthcare.com/index.htm or you can send us your queries at IOHenquiry@gmail.com else at http://www.indianoverseashealthcare.com/yourquery.htm or you can call us at +91-9422805362 , +91 – 9021748252. International callers can call us at 0012484994243

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