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The report presents industry structure of medical devices and disposables. Here we discuss total market size of medical disposables and its segments.
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Jan. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- Executive Summary

The focus of this report is on medical disposables which is a part of overall medical device industry. The report presents industry structure of medical devices and disposables.  Here we discuss total market size of medical disposables and its segments. We have also analysed industry by geographies like United States European Union (total EU market, Romania and Czech Republic) and India. Apart from market size this report talks about opportunities prevailing in the market and recent industry trends. This industry is driven by many factors; few are highlighted in the report. Future outlook is an important part of the report which gives an idea of industry performance in near future. Also there are many players helping the industry to grow, out of which few are discussed in this report.
•   In the medical disposable market, Non Woven products are the fastest & the largest growing segments. Surgical drapes & gowns would be the top gainers as the hospitals & ambulatory surgery centres have upgraded the surgical infection prevention safeguards.
•   Hospitals would be the largest customers for disposable medical devices.
•   The global market for pre-filled syringes is expected to grow by 8.7% CAGR 2006–2016E. In 2008, 1.5 billion syringes worldwide were sold.
•   The market for medical gloves is growing at 7% annually. The major factors contributing to the growth are hospital admissions & also ageing population.
•   In United States, Catheters, drug delivery & related disposables experienced the fastest growth among the other product groups at 6 % every year from 2003 – 2008. The demand for these products reached US$~ billion in 2008.
•   US is the largest market in terms of gloves usage and consumption is around 30 billion pieces of gloves annually.
•   The EU market is the second largest market for medical devices & disposables. It has a market share of 30% which is only second to US which has a share of 45% of the total world market.
•   In Romania, during 2002 – 2006 the production of medical devices & disposables increased by 14 % because of increased standard of living & international demand.
•   In Czech Republic, Syringes, needles & catheters is the most on demand hospital supplies which is slowly making a separate market and started counting in a niche category. In 2007, this category accounted for 8.25% share in the total consumption of medical devices and disposables.
•   In Indian Medical disposable device segment, the domestic production is bound to increase in the coming future, but imported high end goods will constitute the majority of sales.  
•   India is the fourth largest market in the Asia Pacific region in regards to healthcare/pharmaceuticals, behind Japan, China and South Korea.
•   China is a leading producer of medical gloves and with the modernization of China’s healthcare system the growth opportunities for disposable medical devices are growing day by day.
•   Contract manufacturers specialized in medical products are the major factor behind the growth in demand for medical disposables such as syringes and intravenous devices.
•   Worldwide, the medical disposable market’s demand for plastic is expected to reach more than US$~billion by 2011, with a combined annual growth rate for injection moulded products ranging from 4.0-5.5% between 2006 and 2011.

Table of Contents

1. Industry Structure   
1.1   Medical Device Market Structure   
1.2   Medical Disposables Market Structure   
1.3   Distribution Structure of Medical Devices and Disposables in EU   

2. International Market for Medical Disposable Devices   
2.1 Market Size   
2.2 Global Market for Pre-Filled Syringes   
2.3 Rising Demand for Gloves   

3. United States Disposable Device Market   
3.1 Market Size   
3.2 Market by Application   

4. European Union Medical Disposable Market   
4.1 Market Size   
4.1.1 Medical devices   
4.1.2 Medical Disposables   
4.2 Romanian Medical Devices and Disposables   
4.3 Czech Republic Medical Devices and Disposables   

5. Indian Disposable Medical Device Market
5.1 Market Size   

6. Opportunities in Disposable Medical Device Industry   
6.1 Modernization of China’s healthcare system   
6.2 Space to Grow with Developing Medical Tourism Sector in India   
6.3 Medical Gloves-A strong outlook   

7. Growth Drivers   
7.1 Intensifying Hospital Supplies with Growing Elderly World Population   
7.2 Rising Healthcare expenditures   
7.3 Favoring Disposable Income in Developing Countries   
7.4 Health Problems Leading Demand for Medical Treatment   

8. Recent Industry Trends and Future Outlook of the Industry   
8.1 Industry Trends   
8.1.1 Regulations Structuring Disposable Medical Device Industry   
8.1.2 Indian Ministry of Health Set Deadline to Switch to Disposable Syringes   
8.1.3 Ukraine Imposes Anti-Dumping Tariff on Chinese-Made Syringes   
8.2 Future Outlook of Disposable Medical Device Industry   
8.2.1 Global Outlook   
8.2.2 Outlook in United States   
8.2.3 Outlook in India   

9. Industry Players Profiling   
9.1 Johnson & Johnson   
9.1.1 Business Overview   
9.1.2 Recent Financials   
9.1.3 Business Strategies   
9.2 Covidien   
9.2.1 Business Overview   
9.2.2 Recent Financials   
9.2.3 Business Strategies   
9.3 GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK)   
9.3.1 Business Overview   
9.3.2 Recent Financials   
9.3.3 Business Strategies   
9.4 Becton, Dickinson & Company   
9.4.1 Business Overview   
9.4.2 Recent Financials   
9.4.3 Business Strategies   
9.5 3M Company   
9.5.1 Business Overview   
9.5.2 Recent Financials   
9.5.3 Business Strategies   

List of Charts:
-Medical Device Structure
-Medical Disposable Market Structure
-Distribution Structure of Medical Devices & Disposables in EU
-Market Growth of Pre Filled Syringes (in million Units), 2006 – 2008
-Global Demand for Gloves (in billion pieces), 1998 – 2008
-Demand for Medical Disposables in United States (in billion US $), 1998 – 2008
-EU Market distribution by Segments, 2007
-Imports to EU (value in million US $ & volume in ‘000 tonnes), 2006 – 2007
-Medical Device & Disposable Consumption in Romania, 2007
-Medical Device & Disposable Consumption in Czech Republic, 2007
-India’s Medical Device Market (in billion US $), 2003 – 2008
-India’s Medical Disposable Market (in million US $), 2003 -2008
-Total Expenditure for Public Health in China (in million US $), 1999 – 2010
-Indian Pharmaceutical Market, 2007
-Indian Medical Device Market Forecast (in billion US $), 2007 – 2013
-Worldwide Gloves Purchase by Industry (in million US $), 2007
-WW Ageing Population within age group 55 to 80+ (in billions), 1996 – 2010
-US Health Expenditure Aggregate (in billion US $), 2002 – 2006
-Urban per capita disposable income in China, 1998 – 2007
-US Prevalence of COPD by Geographic regions, 2007
-US Medical Disposable Forecasted Demand (in billion US $), 2008 – 2013
-India, Disposable Medical Device Market Forecast (in million US $), 2008 – 2013
-Johnson & Johnson Revenue (in billion US $), 2004 – 2008
-Covidien Revenue (in billion US $), 2005 – 2009
-Glaxo Smith Klime Revenue (in billion US $), 2004 – 2008
-Becton, Dickinson & Company Revenue (in billion US $), 2005 – 2009
-3M Company Total Revenue (in billion US $), 2004 – 2008
List of Tables:
- EU imports of medical devices & disposables (in million US $)
-Global Disposable Medical Plastic market demand by Application (in million US $), 2005, 2006 &   2011

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