Listen Live, Deremiah *CPE, The Most Amazing Speaker you have ever heard in this or any other age. is Proud to Present to our Listening Audience, Deremiah *CPE, The Most Amazing Speaker you have ever heard in this or any other age. On the Holiday of Martin Luther King's Birthday ( he would be 81 were alive today!) 7:00pm EST
Deremiah, *CPE
Deremiah, *CPE
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Jan. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Deremiah, *CPE has an extensive background in Motivational speaking.  All the information in this press release are direct quotes from the Man of the Hour himself, Deremiah, *CPE...  You don't want to miss a word that he speaks.  Dynamic and Energizing!  If you listen and act on what you hear it will change your life.  There is no one more awesome today than Deremiah,*CPE!!

Martin Luther Kings' I Gotta Dream
In CELEBRATION of MLK Birthday Deremiah has released a soulful uptempo song which gives praise to the celebration of Dr. King's Dream. But the truth is we all have a Dream and that Dream looks different for all of us. ...

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ---Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Everybody Can Be Great, because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know about Plato and Aristotle...Einstein’s theory of relativity to serve ... the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serv...

A Beautiful Song...let it be like a SMILE that shines sooo GREATLY that when we come to the end of it we demand that it BE Repeated indefinitely until we hear it when it is not playing. I Love you all...Every last one of YOU have made my life a LIVING SUCCESS and for that may you forever BE in LOVE WITH LIVING & In LOVE with GIVING!!! Deremiah *CPE

SMILING is the SUNSHINE of the SOUL...when we SMILE we literally allow the LIGHT from "within" to shoot through out all of the internal hemispheres & systems that cause the body to function. Every organ of the body is transformed when you SMILE...the blood cells rise up & DANCE in JUBILIATION to your HAPPINESS...your O...rgans excrete the DIVINE juices of the internal systems that make those systems complete their task.

I believe Sickness, dis-ease, anger, depression, unhappiness, sadness, melancholia can all be cured by GIVING THANKS.

Sooo if we all GAVE THANKS EVERYDAY could you IMAGINE how few unhappy people we would see in the world.


Bread has a dual meaning and I use it for both meanings. I always pray giving thanks for my daily bread...LOL. Notice GIVING THANKS...see we should always be GIVING even when we are RECEIVING. When people GIVE us things we should be GIVING back THANKS which is the driving concept behind THANKS-GIVING + GIVING THANKS.

Trust in your abundance. For GENERATIONS children have been born into the world generation after generation and only in a few cases have they not at least had the basic fundamental things like Food, Clothing and Shelter. But in most cases these things exist for all of us. My mother, my Mothers mother, my mothers mothers mother all had their daily BREAD.

Now don't go SPENDING all your MONEY on Frivilous GIVING. Give to the things you Need first...everything you need is not a WANT. GIVE to Bless someone else in NEED. Give to the places that provide wisdom for your Growth. GIVE from a place of abundance. YOU ARE the ECONOMY...I say it all the time...I AM THE ECONOMY!!!

YOU Want to be a GETTER...then BE a GOOO GIVER...Some people are Go GETTERS & others are Go GIVERS. Want to LIVE a LIFE of LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS...then GIVE. GIVE what you have. I have a song called "I Gotta DREAM" I had to give a producer good money to get it recorded. Now I'm giving it away for .99 cents but's worth more than .99 cents to you. The ideas in it are INVALUABLE!!!

UNIVERSAL LAW of CREATION..."YOU NEVER GET by GETTING...You only GET by GIVING" you can quote it...that's Deremiah *CPE and it's to make your life better. NOW PLEASE NEVER...EVER...EVER BELIEVE a word I'm saying without testing it for yourself. I speak of UNIVERSAL TRUTHS...these Laws work for all people regardless of who you are!

Let me tell you how much I love you...sooo many people wake up day after day interacting with hundreds of people through out the day a very rarely do they get someone to express the words...I love you...Now if you do that's GREAT but you're a part of RARE BREED. Many do this is for you...becuase I really do l...ove you...Another VIDEO by me for you and all because I wanted to GIVE YOU SOMETHING of TREMENDOUS you Feel Me? I LOVE YOU.

.I Really do Love you...but What is LOVE? [HQ]
I'm always after living a life of love. If you love you will attract love. If you love you will experience sooo much more affection in your relationships. You will begin to attract all the people who appreciate developing a community of love. Soooo with all the go...od love sometimes comes confusion of the idea when you live in a culture of people who normally do not practice the use of the Love language. Sooo I do want you to KEEP SMILING and I do want you to keep loving and appreciating when I tell you I love you because I geniunely do love you. Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

I'm here to truly SERVE YOUR LIFE...I always LEAD by GIVING people MORE than what they give me back. So many people have been HEALED by my videos, their depression DISAPPEARED, their LAUGHTER CAME BACK...their JOY was RESTORED...Come on people tell the truth about it on this post...Have I given you tremendous VALUE? I...'m gonna take the profits from this song and help heal hundreds of thousands.

When you use Universal Laws to live your life by & you give people all the LOVE you'd want them to give YOU...GREAT THINGS have to HAPPEN! Watch what happens when Ken McArthur promotes my Martin Luther King song. This song is bound to be a world wide hit...LOL...& I can't believe that some people are afraid to get ble...ssed by investing .99 cents into the song...I'm a MAGNET for BLESSING YOUR'll get it!

go to my profile page and click ---My Store--- and you'll see the Martin Luther king poster on the left and the link to buy it on the right.

You can hear a sample of the song less the Martin Luther King parts that were put in via video below. I didn't write the song...the song wrote came to me by divine inspiration.

Try it before you buy it here: See More

Then just follow do this:

just go to my profile page and click ---My Store--- and you'll see the Martin Luther king poster on the left and the link to buy it on the right. just .99 cents and it's life changing.

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