Cheers and Tears as Mediazone Group Releases Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2010

After much speculation on which companies would eventually make the prestigious annual list, Mediazone Hong Kong finally released the first copy of this year’s flagship publication titled Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2010.
By: jerone Chin
Jan. 13, 2010 - PRLog -- After much speculation on which companies would eventually make the prestigious annual list, Mediazone Hong Kong finally released the first copy of this year’s flagship publication titled Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2010.

Forty-Eight companies successfully reached this year’s finish line disappointing 101 others who were eliminated in the last round of the publisher’s stringent judging process.

Each year the Mediazone Group picks less than 50 winners from an initial list of 11,000 international and local brands (from HK & China’s top 12 industries) with a presence in Hong Kong. The winners are then interviewed and covered within the pages of Mediazone’s popular annual titled Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies – the territory’s only surviving business title widely accepted by the business elite and the public sector in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

This year’s edition is widely regarded to be an editorial coup as the edition boasts of China’s prime minister as its Man of the Year. It also carries an exclusive report on Macau’s new leader and Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-Jeou.

In a strict departure from a 10-year old tradition, MZG CEO Glenn Rogers (who himself conducted some of the interviews made his closing remarks on each of the winners, in his broadcast to the world press last night. We reproduce them here.

YCY Holdings: The company is an inspiration to every entrepreneur who has the interest of the customer at heart. Entrepreneur Patrick Yau has proved himself to be a true role model.

Scania Hong Kong: This Swedish company is not only changing the face of the transportation industry in Hong Kong but is also saving lives, reputations, and our environment through its innovative green technology.

Nuance Watson HK Ltd: Alessandra Piovesana is winner of our Miss Integrity Award. She is to the business world what Stephen Spielberg is to the motion pictures industry. She brings unparalleled transparency and empowerment to the consumer.

Altruist Financial Services: Albert Lam of Altruist is our Visionary of the Year thanks to his devoting 40 years of his life to bring value to the customer.

Preton North Asia Ltd: This innovative company is helping competitive companies cut cost and save the environment. In these challenging times, that is certainly worth celebrating!

AMG Financial Group: This is a pragmatic company with an eye on quality of service.

AC&A: Rita Wan is perhaps the most passionate person on the Six Sigma stage today. Every company serious about growth might wish to see what AC&A has to offer.

Shun Tak: Recovering Stanley Ho is the reason Shun Tak makes this year’s list. His vision of growth for his company and for Macau remains exemplary.

Mirae Asset Financial Group: Its proven ability to find hidden gems sets it apart from its ilk. The Group is a clear front-runner where it comes to offering discerning investors returns they can believe in.

Thorn Lighting: Perhaps the only lighting company in Hong Kong with the capacity to plan, execute and manage projects of any size, Thorn Lighting is a true icon of our times.

Mira Watch International: An inspirational story, the company is in a niche of its own. It is a credible innovator that’s rapidly winning friends and influencing people.

Noble Apex Advisors Ltd:  Dr. M. F. Chan, a leading light in the financial services industry is widely lauded for his ability to think as the common man – the ordinary investor to whom proper financial advice is invaluable.

Kaspersky Labs Asia Ltd: It’s a shield against cyber attack – a present and clear danger to us all. If you use the Internet, you should get to know Kaspersky.

Li Ka-Shing: The only person to be awarded in the publication – as opposed to a company. His generosity gets our salute.

Lutex: Two brothers carry on a tradition of care and kindness that begun when senior Mr Fung shared his meal with an old dying man in a trench as they hid in fear from Japanese bayonets.

Thornton Global Wealth Management: It’s a company that thinks like an investor. Its recent triumph is the setting up and maintaining of an internet-based platform that customers derive a wealth of benefits from.

Robertsons: A legal stalwart that prides itself on customer referrals. Robertsons is a serviced based company run by people who know the value of relationships.

BMI Appraisals: A promising company keen to usher in an era of ‘true value’.

Fei Fah: Dedicated to wellness and personal care, the brand is one to watch over the mid to long term.

Hong Kong’s Airport Authority: A miracle in its own right, Chek Lap Kok is unfolding into an airport city – something that will benefit Hong Kong and the world.

AIA Pension and Trustee Co Ltd: Peter Crewe is perhaps the most authoritative voice in retirement savings industry in Hong Kong. With a spotless record of conduct, character and performance Crewe is a true asset to the consumer, the industry and to Hong Kong.

Amadeus: If the airline industry needs a lift, which we strongly suspect it does, Amadeus may well be the wind under its wings.

Schmidt & Co: It is an innovative company that understands Hong Kong’s priorities and needs.

HSBC: It is the territory’s bank – what else need we say!

GlobalBest: A boutique financial services company that is showing promise. Every customer is a VIP and personalized service is a promise.

Loewe: Entrepreneur Keith Chan is one to watch. He brings to the table the best of both worlds – the finesses of Western tastes and the Chinese-ness crucial to success in Hong Kong. Approachable and street-savvy, Chan’s pragmatic view of business growth is the force that brought luxury brand Loewe (TVs) to Hong Kong.

Hong Yip Service Company Ltd: A market leader in quality of service and training of personnel.

SGS Hong Kong: If Hong Kong wants more on the global trade stage, it will find in SGS, an apt partner.

Stanton Chase: It’s simple. Ivo Hahn is the world’s best headhunter.

GfK Retail & Technology: Retail research is helping competitive companies earn more and beat back the competition. GfK is making a huge difference to the retail industry in the region.

Chopard: King of the road when it comes to luxury watches and jewelery, the brand is led by Roland Buser who has taken Chopard to the #1 spot.

NEC: Bringing total solutions to Hong Kong and the region, this Japanese company is changing the way we live – for the better.

Microworks: Another inspirational story of triumph of will and vision.

Nexusguard: Its presence here is a great relief to companies whose operations could grind to a total standstill under attack from cyber pirates.

Nu Skin: Our Wellness Champion of the Year is making huge in-roads into the anti-aging industry, bringing consumers a wealth of health benefits and making science work for us all.

3M: A leader of innovation the company is showing thoughtfulness through its investments in environment consciousness. We need more companies like 3M.

FunctionEight: Outsourcing IT was a misnomer until the arrival of this company on the scene. It is saving people and companies time, money and most important of all….. reputation.

Acts Interior Design: Few interior designers can relate to science as well as the talented Enoch Yeung.

Eisai: A Japanese giant that is making huge headway where it comes to critical patient support and disease management.

Majorlink: Customer interface technologies are here to stay thanks to this innovative developer.

B&W Group Asia Ltd: It is by far the most popular and widely lauded name in the luxury speakers industry in Hong Kong and now in China. A remarkable story because the brand has leaped over its competitors racing to #1 position all in record time.

Wan Corporate Services Ltd: We celebrate Vincent Wan who for more than 40 years, had championed the need for Hong Kong to adopt a holistic lifestyle.


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