Low Platelet Blood Count Can Be Fixed Naturally

Low Platelet Blood Count plagues 1000s and yet can be not only controlled but also fixed naturally. Discover how to get started to increase platelets and restore your health.
By: Laura Jean
Jan. 7, 2010 - PRLog -- Would you take action if you discovered a way that low platelet blood count could be fixed naturally? Even if you discovered that it is so simple and easy that most dismiss it as not worth considering? Wouldn't it be worth checking out just in case they are wrong?

Nature's solution is always the simplest. Yes natural methods will fix low platelet blood count. So simple that we ignore them! But think about it for a minute... everything is based on cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause and for every cause there is an effect.

Low platelet blood count is the effect or result of some unknown cause. Now do think the cause would be something natural or unnatural? Well if something is causing your body to destroy platelets instead of maintaining a healthy level of them then of course that would be unnatural.

Doesn't it make sense that an unnatural cause could be reversed or stopped by using a natural method? It is a given that natural foods are better for you than processed or fast foods. Natural foods like Blueberries can make a big difference in reversing your low platelet blood count.

Free radicals or I could say bad oxygen in your body can destroy your platelets by the thousands. Unless they are neutralized they will continue to wreck havoc with your platelets. So wouldn't including large amounts of antioxidant foods in your diet make good common sense? Naturally!

By adding these types of foods to your diet you can improve your over all health. Your low platelet blood count will stop going down and you will begin seeing increasing platelets un till they reach NATURAL levels!

Your diet should be high in fruits, veggies of all colors and beans. These are best if consumed fresh, or raw. In some cases, like the beans you will need to cook to make palatable. Just be sure to favor fresh or cooked fresh instead of using canned.

Foods highest in antioxidants are:
Red Kidney Beans
Other veggies and berries.

Of course, this will help only factors of low platelet blood count that are related to diet but many have been helped by just following this simple recommendation. You should take special notice of this especially if you don't have the best of eating habits.

Now just a couple of berries a day will not make the grade. You will need to consume a fair amount, at least 2 cups a day. If this is expensive were you live check the prices of frozen berries since they are cheaper than fresh and they will still work.

They same applies to vegetables. Fresh is best but frozen is OK. But remember fresh or frozen - not canned. Much of the healing properties are destroyed in the canning process and usually inferior produce is used.

Many who have decided to take control of their health turned the corner to correcting their low platelet blood count by changing their eating habits first. I encourage you to consider this natural  and simple method.

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