5 Ways to Humanize Your Image in a Small Town Called "Social Media"

When you’re starting a business, you need to be building ladders to the public. Humanization is the best way to build the trust needed to attract the public. Business model analyst Cristin Frank shares 5 strategies for personalizing your brand.
Jan. 5, 2010 - PRLog -- With all the threats to our personal identity these days, stranger danger is ever-present. But when you’re starting a business, you need to be building ladders to the outside world. For your company to grow to its full potential, you cannot only reach out through personal references. The best way to build the trust you need to attract the public is through humanization or personal branding.

There is so much emphasis on being professional that we fail to see success through anything less than being professional. I do not suggest being obnoxious or offensive, just human. That’s all. The list below will help you incorporate a personal touch in your business venture.

1.    Acknowledge the world around you. If you never come up from your niche and make a comment about what’s going on around you, you will seem singular and unrelatable. In a recent clip, Martha Stewart called Sarah Palin dangerous and boring. So not only has Martha made herself relevant today, she let us know her brain is not only about cakes and place settings. See the clip: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/22/martha-stewart-c...
2.    Write with your “talking” voice, and not all this jargon that actually sounds insecure and pompous. When you throw some “expressions,” into your writing your audience feels as though you’re talking to them and not at them.
3.    Show a picture of you living your life. Life doesn’t happen in a portrait studio. We’re real people, for goodness sake, let’s relate to one another!
4.    Ask questions. Have you noticed how Ustream allows you to post a poll during you’re broadcast? They’re simply inviting input from the audience. Exercise democracy! Then be sure to respond back to the comments.
5.    The scrutiny of society has made for public apologies to be demanded left and right. When you’re not a total stiff, it won’t be so painful should you come under scrutiny.

More than anything else, as an entrepreneur I want to be myself. I want my clients and acquaintances to know the real me. If this truly is the Communication Age, why hold back?

Business model Analyst, Cristin Frank is the author of the new e-book, "Model Rocket: How to Expand your Business Model and Blast Off the Ground." This book takes guerrilla marketing, strategy and branding methodology to expose creative solutions to success. It is full of fresh thinking and genius action plans. Visit http://www.cristinfrank.com

Contact Cristin at cristin@cristinfrank.com for questions. Interviewers welcome!

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Cristin Frank is a business model analyst, author of "Model Rocket: How to Expand your Business Model and Blast Off the Ground," and host of "Biz Court: Is it a Business or a Hobby" on Ustream TV. Cristin is available for interviews.
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