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Too many auto dealers have Internet departments that are not profitable. Infinite Prospects, Inc. is a New Jersey-based digital automotive advertising agency/consulting company created to help car dealers improve their online sales profitability.
Jan. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- Infinite Prospects Inc. is a digital ad agency focused on helping automotive dealers sell more cars online and works exclusively with Internet-based advertising sources and vendors. In much the same way that traditional ad agencies tie together all of an auto dealer’s campaigns and purchase the media from the advertisers, Infinite Prospects is an expert  in tying digital ad campaigns together and purchasing digital media in the latest rapidly expanding advertising frontier: the Internet and new media.

In the auto dealer business or any industry, a large component to online sales success relies on implementing, executing, and utilizing proven best-practice methods and processes. Infinite Prospects, through years of experience working both on the vendor and on the dealer side, can help a dealer perform this monumental task. A majority of auto dealers are still developing or refining their online sales process, and this is often an area where chaos rules and philosophies change weekly or monthly.  These changes lead to an inconsistent experience by consumers, and could cost potential sales. By providing ongoing on-site training to the sales staff, combined with support from top management, Infinite Prospects will stabilize a dealer’s messaging to its customers and prospects; providing a consistent, positive experience every time the store is represented.

More than 75% of all new-vehicle auto shoppers use the Internet as a research tool(1), yet according to many industry-accepted studies, only around 8% of consumers who submit an online quote or test drive request to a dealer through 3rd party (Manufacturer, Edmunds, KBB, AutoTrader, etc.) buy from that dealer(2). Typically, when that request comes directly through the dealer’s website, closing percentages can reach as high as the 15-20% range, because the consumer is looking specifically for the dealership as opposed to offers from multiple dealers. Infinite Prospects will focus a dealership on faster, more accurate response processes and using all available communication tools and methods to contribute to increasing these percentages for an individual dealership, setting it apart from its competition.

Most auto dealers today purchase online advertising directly from vendors. The average dealership is currently working with at least 6 different online vendors – each with sales reps, customer service reps, accounting departments, etc. The time it takes to meet and maintain those relationships is time and manpower spent not working with customers. Infinite Prospects works directly with a dealer’s online vendors, freeing up more time for dealer sales and support to set more appointments and sell more cars.

Today, there are so many different methods an auto dealer can employ to advertise using the Internet and new media that it can be a standalone full-time job. However, most auto dealers don’t have the time or desire to fully understand the intricacies of how to maximize value from each individual site or tool, therefore missing out on potential sales and possibly wasting valuable advertising budget. With the obvious goal being to generate sales and maximize ROI and to help dealers benefit from each source they choose to advertise through, Infinite Prospects has the background, connections, and visibility to know where, and through whom,  to advertise online.

Auto dealers also can’t manage what they don’t measure. If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that everything is measurable and traceable.  Online sales success can only be furthered by analyzing results and adjusting based on those results. Infinite Prospects takes a unique approach to reporting, providing a detailed but easy-to-understand breakdown of what happened during any given period of time.

(1) J.D. Power and Associates Reports: For New-Vehicle Buyers, Automotive Manufacturer Web Sites and Third-Party Automotive Web Sites Serve Widely Different Needs – October 5, 2009
(2) 2007 Dealer eBusiness Performance Study: The New Buying Influences - Presented by Cobalt, in partnership with Yahoo!, and R. L. Polk & Co. – October 18, 2007

Infinite Prospects’ sole goal is to help a dealer’s Internet department become profitable. To learn more or schedule an on-site evaluation of your Internet Department, please contact us through our website or call us directly at (201) 481-1424. Visit our Digital Advertising Agency

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Infinite Prospects, Inc. is a New Jersey-based digital automotive advertising agency/consulting company created to help car dealers improve their Internet sales profitability through process implementation, ongoing training, acquiring the best possible mix of prospects, and consistent, accurate reporting.
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