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Who wouldn’t want to visit Australia? It’s the great big island in the middle of the Pacific filled with kangaroos, koalas, and mythical Crocodile Hunters. But visiting the land down under is one thing; gaining work and life experience by ...
Link To Diversity
Link To Diversity
Jan. 2, 2010 - PRLog -- Who wouldn’t want to visit Australia?  It’s the great big island in the middle of the Pacific filled with kangaroos, koalas, and mythical Crocodile Hunters.   But visiting the land down under is one thing; gaining work and life experience by interning in Australia is quite another.  

A friend of mine had the opportunity to do a marketing internship in Australia for six months.  He had never really thought about an internship abroad, but once he found it, he leaped at the chance.  He got to live and work in beautiful Sydney while gaining skills that would make him incredibly marketable once he got back to the States.  As he was interning for a small company, my friend got plenty of hands-on experience, rather than just fetching coffee and running copies.  And thanks to his internship, he gained many contacts that helped him get a job shortly after he returned home.

By interning in Australia, you’ll not only strengthen your resume, gain references and academic credit, you’ll get the chance to grow as a person.  You will develop your interpersonal and communication skills, learn about another culture firsthand, make life-long friends from all over the world, and get a chance to see a new and exciting place.

Australia is known as a culturally diverse land, filled with exotic wildlife, rugged terrain, and surrounded by gorgeous beaches.  It’s home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and a laid-back, welcoming people.  By interning in Australia, you can gain a great learning experience at the same time you get to explore a diverse and enchanting land.  To help you find an internship down under, get started at  

So you want to teach English in Italy?
There are countless reasons why traveling, working, studying, interning, or teaching in Italy would make for an amazing experience.  Italy is known for its rich history, cutting-edge fashion, delicious food, world-famous art, and welcoming culture.  So why should you want to teach English in Italy?

Here’s an example of someone I know who loved teaching in another country: a good friend of mine spent a summer abroad teaching English in Thailand.  Although it only lasted three months, she absolutely loved it so much that a year later she decided to take a job in South Korea teaching English.  Her experience giving English lessons gave her the satisfaction of seeing her students progress each day, and their eagerness to learn every time they walked in the classroom.  

Native English speakers are needed more and more as English is used increasingly worldwide, leading to a bigger need for teachers abroad.  Becoming an ESL teacher in Italy will also provide you with the ability to hone your communication skills, making you a better communicator in general; another skill that looks great to employers when you’re on the hunt for a job.  

So imagine yourself making a difference by helping others learn a language that you already know, while enjoying all the wonderful things Italy has to offer.  Imagine walking through the streets of Rome or Milan, watching scooters zip past you and people sipping tiny cups of espresso street cafés.  Imagine being able to roam the same streets as Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, and Christopher Columbus.

The beauty of Italy is only a plane ride away, and so is the opportunity to make an important difference in the lives of others by teaching abroad.  Take a look at to help you get started teaching in Italy.

We’ve Found Your Link to the World
It can be difficult and sometimes rare to look outside your own little place in the world.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own life, forgetting that there’s so much more waiting beyond your door.  But once in a while something will wake us up and make us realize how many other people are out there, and how interconnected the world really can be.

Although there are almost seven billion people on our planet, we’re still one big community whether we realize it or not.  A simple action you do today could affect someone in Ghana, Venezuela, New Zealand, or France.  Why not take that power you have and use it to help others by volunteering or teaching abroad?  Those of us in developed countries have the power to reach out to others in need globally.

With the Internet and social networking sites, the ability to connect to so many different people worldwide quickly and easily is a reality, something that couldn’t even be fathomed 75 years ago.  Thanks to websites like Link to Diversity, you not only get to explore your opportunities to travel abroad, you have the opportunity to learn about the world around you and the places you never really knew about.

By offering a plethora of information on study, volunteer, work, intern, and travel abroad programs and language schools, Link to Diversity is hoping to interconnect each and every person on Earth. The goal of the website is to open the door to the opportunity to go abroad, thereby shrinking the world by creating a global community.   Visit the website at to find out more about your world.

Use Your Talents to Help in Poverty-Stricken Africa
Africa is the cradle for humanity – the birthplace of humankind.  Unfortunately, it’s no secret that Africa is also home to some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people on Earth.  Sadly, this culturally rich continent has also been stricken with poverty most Americans can’t even imagine, and they need our help.

33 countries in Africa are on the UN’s Least Developed Countries list, more than any other continent.  The countries that make it on this list are there because of their extreme poverty, economic instability, and susceptibility to natural disasters and communicable disease.  Making the list are countries including Ethiopia, Madagascar, Uganda, and Sudan, who have GDPs per capita that are smaller than most Americans make in a week of work.

We sometimes don’t appreciate all the things that we have in more developed countries, including reliable health care, access to clean water, an absence of war zones in our cities, and not having to go to bed every night hungry.  In reality, there are millions in Africa who experience quite the opposite.  

There are numerous ways you can make an impact in Africa by volunteering.  The opportunities are endless, such as working at an African orphanage, spending a gap year renovating homes or schools, or coaching African schoolchildren at rugby, soccer, or basketball, to name a few.  If you have a passion or a skill, odds are there is a program offered that would help you utilize your talents to help the disadvantaged.

One of the best ways to combat poverty is first educating your people.  Most children in these unfathomably poor countries don’t get the opportunity to learn, making them powerless to better their lives.  By teaching in Africa, you can help by providing African children and even adults with the knowledge they need to better their situations.  You can see the impact you make in a person’s life every day when you watch them learn, knowing that they’re better equipped to help themselves.

What can you do to help in Africa?  There are many websites offering opportunities to travel to Africa as a volunteer, teacher, or worker.  Link to Diversity at is a great resource to find these opportunities and not have to spend your life savings.  Check them out today, because Africa is waiting for your help.

# # # is a place for students and individuals to find their link to our diverse world. Globalization has reached communities in every country of the world, and our economies are becoming more integrated than ever. We provide a variety of international opportunities that will contribute to your professional and personal experience in a variety of different ways. creates a link between international educators, students, and communities all over the world.

Whether you want to Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad, Study Abroad, Work and Travel, or go to a Language School Abroad, will help you find the right program that you are looking for.

Find your link and see it for yourself!
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