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Every Other Day Diet is created by Jon Benson who asserts that the plan gives the dieter freedom from calorie counting diets of the past.
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Jan. 2, 2010 - PRLog -- Every Other Day Diet is created by Jon Benson who asserts that the plan gives the dieter freedom from calorie counting diets of the past. Essentially, the Every Other Day Diet allows the dieter to eat high protein containing foods on one day and to alternate the diet with some of his or her favorite foods the next day, hence the name of the Every Other Day Diet. Dieters are expected to feel like they are dieting “every other day.”

Benson’s Every Other Day Diet plan aims to educate the dieter and to teach him or her how to enjoy eating without experiencing guilt, how to lose fat without the need to monitor calories, how to put an end to emotional/binge eating practices, and more. The Every Other Day Diet is not sold in stores but is available via download in eBook format. This diet has been approved by doctors including Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D. and John Matt Yuill, M.D., as well as Dr. John Berardi, a Professor from the University of Texas. The eBook comes with a full year of support and a sixty day money back guarantee if the dieter is not fully satisfied with the work.

This work comes with a number of bonuses including the Perfect Posture in 30 Days eBook, the Cholesterol Lies eBook, Hormones 101 eBook, a Virtual Exercise Demonstrator, the Skinny Mini Meals eBook, the Female Power eBook, The Fitness Primer Hypnotic Audio: Preparing You For A Fitter Future! eBook, and The No-Struggle Plan! ebook. Finally, the Every Other Day Diet plan also comes with free lifetime plan updates for the dieter too.

Some diets, like the low calorie ones, can cause the metabolism to slow down. In an effort to avoid this, the diet was designed to allow certain days of eating regularly.

Choose satisfying and healthy foods for the regular days and do not over eat. Sweets should be limited. Big breakfasts are okay and try not to eat after 7pm.

The caloric intake for a man is’00-2400 calories. For a woman, the intake is 1200-1800 calories. Age and activity level will determine the exact amount needed.

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Learning a new way to think about fat, calories and how your body handles both is the primary goal of this diet. Understand that fat is fuel for our bodies. It is also a part of everyday life. There is no way to completely eliminate fat from all foods. Dieting does not mean that you have to starve or feel deprived.

Diets that want you to stay away from fatty foods lead you to believe that eating this food period will hinder your goal to lose weight. So, you put on an act of not liking this food at the beginning. Eventually, you have a craving and satisfy it. Then you feel guilty because you think you have now hurt your chances of losing weight.

This belief is false. If you do not satisfy the need for the foods occasionally, you will fail. With the Every Other Day Diet, you get to eat this food and feel satisfied. Planned Variance is the eating plan. You have days that are burn days where high protein, low calorie foods and a set amount of carbs can be eaten. Then the other days, feed days, eat what you want. Use reason on these days. The diet creates variety which means you will not over eat or feel like you are famished.

A primer plan for novices, lifestyle phase 1 for novice to intermediate, lifestyle phase 2 for fat burning, extreme plan for bodybuilders and an ultimate plan for fitness gurus are the five plans available with this diet. Some days require you to eat a specified kind of food 5 times a day. On the other day, eat junk food at one meal.

So, forget about fasting to lose weight. Forget about those lose weight fast fad diets. Eating to lose weight is an effective and long term strategy that will enable you to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off. The Eating Every Other Day Diet is an effective eating to lose weight diet.

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