Russet Noon Returns: The Empire Strikes Back

New Moon is on its way out and we have a long year left until Eclipse hits theaters. Hmm, that’s exactly how long in cyberdays? Twilight fandom is bound to be bored, and perhaps even Twilight hatedom could use a bit of a revival as well.
Russet Noon: Tribute Sequel to the Twilight Saga
Russet Noon: Tribute Sequel to the Twilight Saga
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Dec. 30, 2009 - PRLog -- You thought the reign of terror in the Twilight Saga Universe was over?  Think again.

This winter, Russet Noon comes back with a vengeance, and no one will be spared.  

That’s right, Twihards and Twilight-Saga-haters, Team Edward and Team Jacob!  Go get the popcorn or start head-desking, because the Darth Vader of Fandom is striking back.  Get ready for some serious cyberwars and major gossiping in Twilight Fandom.  Other fandoms beware.
Werewolves and vampires will never be the same after you read Russet Noon.  Ever wonder what happened to the Twilight Saga characters after their creator stopped telling their stories?

Rumor has it they were stolen by an evil author named Lady Sybilla.  Many haters tried to get Stephenie Meyer to sue this horrific threat.  But their cries were ignored, and the Mistress of all Evil still got to tell her story.

Today, Lady Sybilla returns to tell us what the Volturi did to the Cullens after Breaking Dawn and how the Quileutes saved the day in the end.  Too bloody and violent to be told by anyone else, Russet Noon goes where no book has gone before—into the archetypal world of the characters.

Check out what’s happening this month in Russet Noon.  

The Quileute werewolves are under attack.  Alice’s visions have been turned against her and she’s in danger of going back to the insane asylum.  Bella is sick with lust for human blood and refuses to hunt.  Edward wants to send Nessie away to Vampire School in Paris to protect her from the Volturi.  Jacob and Bella suspect that Renesmee may have killed humans.  Renesmee goes missing during her birthday party in La Push and no one knows what happened to her.  The Cullens and the Quileutes are up against an enemy they’re not prepared to face.  Could it be that the Volturi are behind all their troubles?

Russet Noon Chapter 4: "The Hellhound" is out now.  To read it, go to Russet Noon’s Official Website at

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