Shake Weight Reviews - Is Shake Weight a Scam?

Does the Shake weight product really work? Here is the truth...
By: John Davenport
Dec. 29, 2009 - PRLog -- One of the most talked about infomercials today on TV is for the Shake Weight, a new fitness product which works by shaking instead of lifting.

The infomercial is slightly suggestive and aroused a great deal of media attention and ridicule. However, this only gave the product increased publicity and boosted its sales.

Does the Shake Weight really work? Check out this review to find out:

The Shake Weight is an item which looks like a regular dumbbell and has a spring on each side. You use it by shaking it in a variety of positions to work your upper body muscles in various ways. You don't lift but shake it. This is supposed to help you build longer, leaner muscles with something called Dynamic Inertia. Supposedly the shaking is better than lifting weights.

This claim, as well as others made about this product, have been ridiculed by various fitness experts and authors. Needless to say, Shake Weight Reviews are mixed as there are those who like it and quite a few who say it's a scam.

The truth is somewhere in the middle: There is no reason to believe that shaking will produce different muscles than lifting weights. This doesn't seem right to me and to others. However, using the Shake Weight can produce some muscle stimulation. It will probably not be much, but it is still better than nothing.

The Shake Weight is an affordable piece of equipment which is easy to use, store, and carry. It will likely be a big seller in 2010 despite the mixed reviews.

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