Madonna Tests Tannic Molasses As Cure For Aids In Africa! and... patron, Ron Lee Williams, of Germany's race-relations organisation ARIC and a star-lawyer Dr. David Schneider-Addae-Mensah assist the huge Stunny Pharouk human-rights scandal case, 15th December 2009 for christmas! - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Dec. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- While Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre in Israel test Stunny Pharouk's Tannic-Concentrate Molasses, famous American star RON LEE WILLIAMS, mobilises anti-racism organisation ARIC, and convenes with German-French-Ghanean star-lawyer DR. DAVID SCHNEIDER-ADDAE-MENSAH over the STUNNY PHAROUK human-rights AIDS case, while sneak restaurant snakeoil Jihad rages all over the globe!

The German organisation ARIC (Anti-Racism-Information-Centre) patroned by stage-TV-and radio star RON LEE WILLIAMS which is supported by other celebrities around the world, has followed the lead of the influential Hamburg-Parisian law-firm WEILAND, who on their very own initiative have detailed from Paris an independent star-lawyer and German-French-Zoanean batonnier-barister of 4 languages, DR. DAVID SCHNEIDER-ADDAE-MENSAH, to meet in Germany to convene over the pivotal human-rights case of STUNNY PHAROUK-STARZMANN, whose illegal racistic inprisonment in 2004 has triggered a politically dangerous landslide of civilian protest-escapades of lethal silicon-terrorism in angry foreign and gay restaurants across Europe and the USA against AIDS, motivating silk-poisoning outbreaks of unprecedented gravity on Western travellers all the way to INDIA, causing creeping CANCERS and chemical swine-flu numbers to rise sharply for people who don't know about the Pharouk-Starzmann AIDS-cure from his cost- and patent-free TANNIN-CONCENTRATE which quickly cures both RNA-DNA imbalace (AIDS) and silicon swine-flu without vaccines, practically overnight. Germany is since suffering freak terror from a socalled snakeoil-Jihad called "Turkish Christmas", due to popular public insinuatons made by STUNNY PHAROUK on his hugely favorited website http://WWW.AIDS-SCANDAL.COM about the felling of christmas-trees as a symbol of religious deforestation and shrouded traditional ritual racist-to-homophobic Christ-killings.

The German-French batonnier and barrister DR. SCHNEIDER-ADDAE-MENSAH traveled, from Strasbourg to meet up with RON WILLIAMS of ARIC in Duesseldorf, who traveled likewise from Munich to Duesseldorf to begin discussing the legal agenda along with STUNNY PHAROUK-STARZMANN on Tuesday the 15th of December at 13:00 hours sharp, at the politically notable Chinese Restaurant JADE in Duesseldorf Germany, on the open corner of the Mulheimerstrasse and Weseler Strasse of the heated Zoo-Viertel area where Pharouk-Starzmann has policy abode. The restaurant is only 100 meters away from where the German state confiscated the artist's loft after it was hit by a London ANTHRAX-postal attack in 2006, after Stunny Pharouk had appeared in nuclear gold in London press and caused the collision of two London double-decker buses, and become the reason for a witnessed interview with Germany's FOCUS-MAGAZINE reporter Mr. THOMAS VAN ZYTPHEN, who at the behest of FOCUS Editor in Chief Mr. HUFEL SCHULTE, refused to publicize the dangerous chemical story in 2007 on the basis of Stunny's skin, and since sent racistic SmS-messages to Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann's personal mobile phone. The artist was since given another abode by the German government in the area, and isn't permitted to leave the city. The intensely debated chemically poisoned "Pharouk-appartment" in question is situated on the Mulheimer-Strasse 15, and can't legally be sold nor find any new tenants.

Under the auspices of Mr. DAVID NAOR of the predominantly Jewish KABBALAH CENTRE in Israel, a formal invitation has been extended to MADONNA who patrons the anti-AIDS poverty charity RAISING MALAWI, to attend this historic meeting, on very short notice, as the cheap AIDS cure had been presented to her foundation shortly before ARIC had got so seriously involved to effect such admirable speed in handling the shocking Pharouk-Starzmann case. RON WILLIAMS had intelligently consulted his very own doctor who had sidestepped the EC-Ruling 67-548-EWG, and was forced to comply with STUNNY PHAROUK's ken of chemistry, and took back prescriptions of lethal silicoidal DIABETES drug Metformin. The patron of ARIC himself overcame induced diabetic sugar-disorder with the fast acting tannic-concentrate. The Kabbalah Centre is also aware of the many serious religious implications the cheap cure from African sugar-cane converted to sour dark tannic-concentrate molasses has for AFRICAN victims of AIDS in Malawi, in particular! Sugar cane is Africa's number one export, and could have saved millions of AIDS-deaths, had scientists not vilified the use of dark carbohydrate concentrates against white crystaline in RNA-DNA research. "Religious race-idiologies have no place in chemistry!", said Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann.

After three dead German students had been flown back to Germany from Turkey early this Spring 2009, East Indians living in Germany had held a huge demonstration over chemical victims in India on the Rhein's riverfront in Duesseldorf this Summer. The cities Kologne and Duesseldorf are considered after Paris, Reno and San Fransisco to be the gayest cities in the world, on the sole basis of refusing christmas-trees and AIDS medication, on rising public upset over Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann, who lives in Duesseldorf. Sale of christmas-trees are at an alltime low, and eating-out is lackluster because of chemical fear of angry gays and lesbians who serve as waiters and waitresses in gastronomy. Also a huge army of women who used toxic silicon contraceptive medication are upset. Therefore the star patron of ARIC, Mr. RON LEE WILLIAMS, is also gathering vital information for the public German interracial organisation ARIC about the psychological undercurent nature of senseless fanatic racism in Germany which had been initally meted out in France on its most famous mixed-race victim Pharouk-Starzmann.

A great deal of personal financial commitment and initiative is being displayed over the political racist insident the Stunny-Pharouk-Starzmann case represents for all who are involved, since the alarming chemical subject-matter targets public safety and hampers touristic travel of Westerners into foreign destinations in a never before seen way! RNA-DNA synthesis and silicon are intensely debated in Germany and raises tremendous public horror. Mostly female to female-acting racists in the German press tried to madly shroud the danger around the genetic German citizen Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann, on the basis of his Black mother who apparently had first sounded a warning in 2003 against Bush-oil business. The star refuses to become a sellout to the hidious fanfare of political prostitution, and members of the secret services had felt personally threatened by fake medicines in the market at the demise of both Africans and local Western victims of glaring criminal medical omitions in Neo-Latin formulae. The formal meeting between the French Batonnier and Pharouk-Starzmann is governed by ARIC-patron Ron Williams, and the occasion had been expedited on short notice for the political and civil wellfare of world citizens plagued by this dreadful medical abuse of the EC-Ruling 67-548-EWG and resulting civilian silicon war.
Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann had since been a severe victim of a universal medically guised press front of doctors in editorial media-staff who resist the EU's powerful EC-Ruling 67-548-EWG on poisonous silicons in birthcontrol and AIDS-medicine, which had been exposed by Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann after turning his back on offers from President George W. Bush, resulting in an illegal arrest in France.
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