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Learn how a father of bride speech is conduct during the wedding
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Dec. 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Weddings are supposed to be very happy, uplifting, and celebratory events. Additionally, almost all weddings are expected to follow at least a semblance of the same traditional protocol. This is especially true of the father of the bride wedding speech. The speech is meant to be delivered in a specific format and order (it is usually the introductory speech of the evening).


Generally, the father of the bride wedding speech starts with a few words of welcome. Then it's common to point the guests to where the amenities are located (buffet, drink bar, bathrooms, etc.) Afterward, it's polite to say thank you to all of the guests for coming to the occasion. Finally, some thank-you's must be said to the wedding staff (caterers, clergy, as well as everyone involved in organizing the wedding).

A integral part of the father of the bride wedding speech is to comment on how beautiful the bride looks. This is where the speech gets personal and emotional. The father of the bride is expected to share his feelings about this special event with the audience. Usually, he will talk about how proud he is of his daughter, list her personal accomplishments and positive qualities, and reminisce about her childhood.

Next, it's important to highlight the groom. The best father of the bride wedding speech not only expresses love and admiration for the bride, but also does the same for the groom and his family. The groom's talents and achievements should be mentioned. It's important to show excitement and eagerness to accept the new members into the family.

Friendly advice and guidance is usually given towards the end of the father of the bride wedding speech. The father will share some of the lessons he learned from many years of marriage, and offer a few tips to the newlyweds (this might be a good time to throw in a lighthearted joke or two).

At last, it is time for the father to toast to the health and happiness of the new husband and wife. The celebration will commence with cheering and clapping, and if all goes well, the father of the bride wedding speech will have left an uplifting and memorable impression in the minds of everyone present.

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